I'm Not Here & Welcome New Friends!

Screenshot of my post on Sarah's blog.
Hello everyone! I am guest posting over on Sarah's blog, Coming Unstitched, today, while she enjoys her first few days of mommy-hood. You might already know Sarah, or remember her from when she guest posted here during my Fashion Week. Anyway, check out my post over there. I created three style boards on Polyvore for Valentine's Day, inspired by three classic romance movies, each one from a different decade. I'm pretty proud of it, so please head over there and let me know your thoughts!

As for those of you who are over here visiting from Sarah's blog, welcome!
I hope you stay a while and get to know me and begin following along with Chels & the City.
 I suggest checking out some of my latest posts and heading over to my About page to learn more about me and this little space of the Internet. Hopefully you like what you see and we can be friends!


  1. I love your cute outfit ideas - and you've given me some movie inspiration for tomorrow too! :) Where is the pink dress inspired by Dirty Dancing from? (Actually I'd love to know where the yellow skirt is from too... )

    1. Thanks, Catherine! The dress is actually from Target (!!) and the yellow skirt is John Lewis! Thanks for stopping by!


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