Chels Wears: Green Dress & Blue Tights

Dress and tights: Target | Shoes: Kmart | Scarf: Walmart | Jacket: Deb

It is finally warm outside! When the tempurature broke to 20 degrees I thought I was going to burst so now that it's around 40 I cannot even talk about how happy I am. If only it will stick around!

How great is the color of this dress? I bought this for the combined graduation party that Eric and I had for when we both got our Masters, and I still love it more than most items in my closet. Unfortunately I have not worn it that often because I feel like it's feels very spring time and it is not often bright and gorgeous out around Erie. But it felt like the perfect item to wear when the sun was shining and the day was longer on Sunday. In yesterday's post I talked about losing 25 pounds and now I realize that you cannot really tell in these pictures either because of my coat so hopefully soon I'll be able to show you guys for real and not have to wear a coat. Fingers crossed!


Chels Wears: Puffer Vest

Cardigan: Target | Vest: Peebles | Jeans, Scarf, Boots, Headband, Shirt: Walmart

Oh man have I been awful at blogging recently! My apologizes. I actually took these photos almost three weeks ago and just never felt inspired enough to post them. To be honest, my mind has just been pre-occupied, but real life has to trump blogging at some point and every time I would go to blog, I just didn't want to. I know some people will say to write through a writer's block, but I hate seeing bloggers who clearly don't care about what they're writing. I don't think that's fair for blogger or reader, so I don't do it.

Since these pictures have been taken, a lot has changed with me personally. I no longer work for Family Video, which is allowing me to focus on my business, and has put me back to bartending a few nights a week. I actually really like being behind the bar and cannot say that I mind this change. It was just very much time for me to move on from Family Video. After two years and constantly trying to out-do myself for overall company sales rankings, I had enough and needed a breather. I'm now focusing on custom projects from clients (mostly wedding invites!!) and looking for where my next move is career-wise. I feel like a big move is on the horizon and I'm excited/nervous about that but letting God lead in me figuring that out.

I have also lost about 10 pounds since these pictures were taken, 25 total since the beginning of the year. I have basically been living at the gym and really focusing on what I eat, pretty much to the point of obsession. I don't think that I look different, you'll be able to judge for yourself with tomorrow's outfit photos that were taken on Sunday, but I feel so much better. As you guys know, I am a very confident person so my weight has never really been an issue, I know I'm a big girl and I'm fine with it. But I just really felt like garbage which is why I knew I needed to change what I was doing and I will never go back at this point. It's a lot of work and pre-planning, but I cannot imagine going back to how I was eating. Plus now I can do squats like a beast, so there's that.

What have you been up to!?

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