Celebrating a Year of Fashion Forward Fridays with a Giveaway

If you've been around these parts for awhile, you know that Fashion Forward Fridays is not only my baby but pretty much every one's favorite part about this blog. (Or at least that's what I hear about the most.) The first ever fashionista, Carly, was found randomly walking through PPG Place, one year ago and to be honest, I remember every bit of that day to the finest details. Mostly because I was scared out of my mind that 1) I wouldn't be able to find anyone, and 2) People would never go for this idea because it's kind of weird for a stranger to want to take your picture and put you on the Internet.

But people haven't told me it's weird yet, so I guess I'll keep on truckin! To celebrate one year of doing my best to stop random strangers and talk about fashion with them and prove to GQ that Pittsburgh is a fashionable city, even though they've named us the third-worst-dressed city, I'm bringing you lovely readers a week of fashionista's and, of course, a giveaway!

I've selected FIVE local Pittsburgh fashion bloggers to bring to you each day of this week leading up to the first anniversary of Fashion Forward Fridays (this Friday) and top it off with a giveaway coming to you from ModCloth and Heinz History Center! So sit back, read up, and enter your butts off in this giveaway.

If you win, you will receive two tickets to the ModStylists of ModCloth's '60's Fashion Show on Friday, April 12th AND two tickets to Heinz History Center's Pittsburgh Vintage Mixer...this is a $90 value and pretty much a super sweet prize and I welcome you to check out the event page on Facebook and/or the History Center's website to see what is going on and any updates. I could think of no better way to celebrate!

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Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Shannon!

Hello fashion lovers! For today's Fashion Forward Fridays, you're in for a treat. I love this girl's style and how she pushes the envelope (who even knows what that means) on work attire. Shannon shows that you can be classy and still have fun with your office-wear. And come on who doesn't love that?
Bold style: These rings from Forever21 add just the right amount of edge.


Nude Nails & Free Rita's

First, thank you to everyone for the sweet comments and emails regarding my post on Monday about my alma mater, Seton Hill. You all are lovely. Thanks for your support. <3
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In other news, happy spring! Does it feel like spring to anyone yet? I'm dressing for it in hopes that the weather will catch up to me, but I am still wearing my winter coat, scarves and boots. Remember how happy we were just a few months ago to bring out those boots? Wah.
First Day of Spring: Freezing while holding Rita's Red Velvet Cake flavored ice.

Yesterday, the official day of spring, was a great day for me. I had a rare day of no school or work requirements and MJ was allowed to take a day off of work because of all the hard work and long hours his team has been putting in recently. So like a loving boy, he picked yesterday so we could spend the day together. The only thing that would have made the day better would have been if the weather was warmer. But MJ planned the greatest day-date ever. I am so blessed. It's rare for us to be able to spend a lot of time together because of our schedules and the distance, so I would've been fine with sitting in my apartment staring at each other, but MJ is an expert planner for fun outings.

It was also refreshing to spend the day out of the city. Which as I typed that, I felt bad saying, but it's true. We went to Narcisi Winery for lunch and actually agreed on one bottle to share. This is a big deal to the girl who loves dry when her man loves sweet. And yes, I realize my taste in wine is equivalent to that of someone four times my age. But we agreed on the Niagara, so naturally bought another bottle for MJ to take home so we can share it later. This place is beautiful though and if you're around this area, it is definitely worth the trip, but maybe save it for a warmer day so you can walk the grounds.

The rest of the day was spent driving back towards the city and of course, our favorite activity...shopping. Until MJ decided to surprise me with dinner and bowling at Latitude 40. Which I have never been to, but is a favorite spot for MJ and his work friends. I'm an awful bowler so he beat me, 165 to 57, no big deal. I did get one strike. This is also a place to look in to, especially if you've never been, it was like a better version of Dave and Busters, in my opinion because it's an up nad coming local business. And then of course, we made the trip to Rita's for our free 'first day of spring' ice. Perfect day. Perfect boyfriend.

What did you do to welcome (or encourage) the season of spring?


Hazard Yet Forward

If you're local to the Pittsburgh area, I'm sure you've heard about the tragic bus accident that happened to the Seton Hill women's lacrosse team, that claimed the lives of Kristina Quigley, head coach, and Anthony Guaetta, bus driver, on Saturday on the way to the team's match. If you're not local, you've probably still heard something about the outpouring of love from other teams and universities around the country. As an alumna of Seton Hill (class of 2011) I cannot describe all of the emotions coursing through me, but for my fellow Griffins, I'll try...

Photo I edited - feel free to share it & link back.
I am proud to be a member of the Seton Hill community. I always have been.
I'm proud to know that everyone on campus is showing their support by attending last night's service.
To know that a memorial is growing near the field house because our campus has a huge heart.
I'm proud to see the love coming in from outside groups like Play 4 Seton Hill.
That group, made for SHU lacrosse, not by SHU lacrosse, is growing by the second and has been a huge
source of comfort to see other teams wearing the Seton Hill crimson and gold in support of our team.
I'm proud to know that Coach Quigley's family will be supported through an ever-growing fund.
To see how calmly and professionally the staff of The Setonian is handling this news. 
I'm proud to have learned how to grow, love, give, and transform because of Seton Hill.
And although I wish you little Griffins didn't have to learn it this way, 
I'm proud that tradition of growth and learning continues.

 But dearest Seton Hill, dear little Griffins, please know beyond a doubt that we are behind you.
Fellow Griffins, as alumni, staff and faculty and the other students you see everyday, we love you.
We have seen tragedy before and while we do not know your exact feelings,
We know what it's like to want to news cameras and reporters to just leave you alone.
We know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with emotion and wondering how to move on from here.
I remember sitting in the chapel you were in last night as a sophomore for a similar memorial service and hearing someone read a letter from an alum, on behalf of all alumni, saying they grieved with us and were praying for God to ease our pain, but that as Griffins we were all in this together.
Back then, I didn't understand how people who were no longer on our campus could understand.
But now, as an alum, I get it.
Once a Griffin. Always a Griffin.
We mourn with you. We empathize with you. We support you. We are proud of you. We love you.

It's fine if you're not ready now.
Take your time to grieve and remember the amazing woman who touched your lives.
Take your time to hold your teammates, your friends, your family, 
anyone who makes your Seton Hill experience complete.
Remember we are more than a school, we are a family.
And when you're ready, in true Griffin fashion, 
Hazard Yet Forward.


This post brought to you by the color green!

Hope you all are having a festive weekend and aren't drinking too much green beer! Here's a little look at the fun going on around Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh on Saturday. I went out early to see the parade and have lunch with some friends at McFadden's on the North Shore. I loved seeing Market Square so alive with family friendly activities during the day and then the more party-types at night. This area of Pittsburgh has really changed and become more exciting over the last couple years. Although, I'm going to go out on a limb and guessing that St. Patrick's Day was intended for the more "family friendly" stuff, not really all the booze - but I could be wrong!

Girls group doing the Irish Jig in Market Square.

Little Irish Jiggers
Me and Erin at the Parade!
Float for the parade

The Irish Princess - I actually have no idea who this girl is, I just liked her castle float.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Fashion Forward Fridays: Transition to Spring!

Confession time. I slept in today and missed the downtown lunch rush and therefore, missed the prime opportunity to find a fashionista. Alright. Glad we have that out in the open. Moving on, I'm still here to bring you a little Pittsburgh-appropriate street style. If you're here, you know the air has been holding on to winter, so that chill is still very much around. Keeping that in mind, and keeping in mind that yesterday I just did not want to wear pants, I came up with this outfit.
Hello, Point Park bathroom waiting area.

I'm okay with you hating this look for two reasons. 1) I mixed black and brown, 2) The horizontal stripe and belt might not be doing the most fabulous things for my figure (at least not in these photos). So I set it up in Polyvore to give a better perspective. And another confession, I made that skirt about ten minutes before walking out the door. I've been seeing this maxi in winter trend with fashion bloggers and wanted to test it out but when I initially tried on my halter black maxi, thinking to layer over it, it just wasn't working out for me. So I chopped off the top, cut some elastic out of the bottom of some sweatpants and sewed 'er up. What do you think?


Now, if you actually saw me yesterday, then you know I didn't really wear it with my cheetah heels as I styled it on Polyvore. Strange for me, but coming from the girl who didn't feel like wearing pants, do you really think heels were on my mind? And while it was still really close to winter weather yesterday (holler, 20 degrees!) this outfit was the perfect transition to spring look. Flowy and free, but still keeping me covered up and warm enough to be walking around downtown.
Speaking of covered up, fair warning that if you wear an outfit like this, make sure your jacket looks cool. In the afternoon I was wearing a more "mature" jacket and because I was wearing Sperry's on my feet, I felt like I looked more like a Duggar sister. Which is fine if that's what you're going for, (those girls are super pretty) but I was going for "Look at me, I just made this skirt and have neon on my shirt!" So I had to switch to the bomber jacket after lunch. What do you wear on a transition in to spring kind of day? 
Hope you have a great Friday!


Life Lately

Hey there. I've been in and out of blogger mode for a bit, so I figured I show you guys what's up. Mostly I've been prepping for the end of my last ever semester of education...well, until I decide to get my PhD, which may never happen but I'd like to think I'll eventually have time for it. Anyway, pretty much I've been filling all of my time with applying to jobs. So, cover letting writing and looking at my resume about a thousand times a day. Also looking at apartments around Pittsburgh that I'd like to move in to, but cannot commit to until I figure out where I'll be working, so also I've been (admittedly) wasting time on Pinterest looking at how to decorate said apartments that I cannot get yet and applying for more jobs so I can soon figure that out. (Notice, I am the queen of the run-on sentence.) Oh, and going to work and class. Oy vey! Life of a grad student, so glamorous.

ONE | My mama works at a daycare and was able to color me this picture. Clearly of me and baby Khalifa.
TWO | Point Park gave me this awesome shirt because I'm graduating next month!!
THREE | I got my cap, gown and hood for graduation. Masters robes have weird sleeves by the way.
FOUR | I bought a MacBook Pro! I'm so happy to finally have a Mac. I had my HP laptop for TEN years. Woof.

Hope you've all been having a great week!
Also: Check out Coming Unstitched for a great giveaway that you can enter to win ANY print from Sarah's Etsy shop!


Cold nights look good on you, Pittsburgh.

During the week, a friend of mine asked me to show her brother around the city so he could take some pictures. Not an uncommon request, considering I can travel the "weird" Pittsburgh traffic patterns like a pro and know where to go for some great shots. And although it began to snow when we first headed out, the pictures turned out great after it cleared. Cold air rolling of the tops of the buildings and a perfectly clear night, these photos are true images of Pittsburgh. Few things look better to me than bright city lights.

You can check out more of Nehemiah's photos on his website. He'll be using these, along with some others he took in Pittsburgh and some of Austin, Texas in an upcoming show in Texas where he is located. Hope you enjoy this sneak peek! My favorite one is last. Which is your favorite?


Fashion Forward Fridays: Boutique la Passerelle

Hey there fashion-lovers. I remember posting a while back that I wanted to feature some of the boutiques in Pittsburgh for Fashion Forward Fridays and haven't done so yet. Today seems like the perfect day to start, since it's still a bit colder in the 'burgh, making it harder to find some fabulous street style since everyone is still bundled up. So, to start off our journey through boutiques, let's start downtown. Naturally, since I live here and am obsessed with this part of the city. We are off to look in to Boutique la Passerelle.

Boutique la Passerelle grand opening: picture by Abby Neely for The Globe


Cuzamil en miercoles!

Alright, Pittsburgh friends. You need to know, if you don't already, that Cuzamil Restaurante Mexicano is the place to get your fill of yummy Mexican cuisine. I went to their Squirrel Hill location during late-February with my friend Issac and I love myself for doing so. Although, now that I know they have a downtown location too, I hate myself because I'll be there too often for my bank account to be okay with. I guess you can stop reading this post if you don't like Mexican food, but if you're like me, your mouth is already watering.

Although I cannot comment on how authentic Cuzamil actually is compared to other "authentic" Mexican restaurants because I have never been, if you're going to say "I'm in the mood for Mexican, let's go to Moe's/Chipotle/Taco Bell." Stop. Talking. I understand that everyone needs a yearly intake of Grade D meat once in awhile, or just something super cheap or quick, but come on, guys. Step up your Mexican food game and go to Cuzamil.

During my last visit I had the fish taco special, which at the time, sounded gross but it was Friday during Lent and I was playing into the hands of the Catholics and went for it. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Get the fish taco special if it's available when you go. Anyway. Another great thing is that the excellent cooks at Cuzamil also buy local, from vendors in the Strip District, so you know what you're eating is fresh, and helping out other small businesses in Pittsburgh. Go there for lunch or dinner today and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!


Fangirling about Letterpress

Oh, hey there, sorry I totally sucked at blogging in February. Grad school is doing a number on me. But one awesome thing that I got to experience recently, because of school, is seeing a real letterpress right hurr in Pittsburgh. Like every other girl in Internet world, I have become obsessed with letterpress since the boom of Pinterest. So when my Typography class took a little field trip to the Cyberpunk Apocalypse on the North Side, I was geeking out.

Art Noose at work making note cards for our class. (Pictures by Richelle Szypulski.)

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