Fashion Forward Fridays: Warby Parker is my Valentine

Photos provided by Warby Parker.
When I was contacted by Warby Parker to do this blog post, I almost leaped from the couch. I have been eyeing up this company for as long as I can remember. (Eyeing up, haha, puns.) When I was in 4th grade, it felt like all of my friends were getting glasses, and because I've always been excited about accessories, I always wanted them too. I don't think I realized until 8th grade (when I actually needed to get glasses) that most people didn't like hearing the news of, "You need glasses." How many times can I say glasses in one paragraph, geez.

Anyway, for today's Fashion Forward Fridays feature, I'm pleased to present, Warby Parker. This is an independent company that delivers right to you, which allows them to cut costs that boutiques cannot guarantee. They also donate glasses to people in need around the world. You buy a pair, they donate a pair. Nothing feels quite as good as knowing the company you're supporting is using all their resources to do good.

Currently, Warby Parker is introducing their Spring 2014 Collection as well as their Palm Canyon Collection for a limited time. The Spring Collection features eight new shapes and six new colors, while the Palm Canyon Collection is simply, their most-loved frames (Winston, Duckworth, Preston, and Wheeler) in a Palm Springs palette of mesquite, acacia, ironwood, and sand. These are my favorites from both collections, Palm Canyon on the left, Spring on the right.

Screenshot of my virtual try-on of Burke: Tennessee Whiskey.
If you're still skeptical about buying glasses online, here's some peace of mind for you. Warby Parker has a Virtual Try-On feature (shown on me above) to their website that allows you to upload your photo and see what the glasses would look like on you. But if that's not enough, they also allow you to pick five pairs and send them to you at no cost, to try-on and wear for five days and then send back. Then you can order which ones you felt best in, through their Home Try-On option. And those of you lucky enough to live in these areas, they also have some brick and mortar storesSeriously, they've thought of it all. Be sure to check them out!

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Hope you all have a fabulous & fashionable Valentine's Day! 
This is a partnered post but all opinions are my own.


  1. i have ordered 2 boxes of the try it on at home but haven't found the perfect pair yet! hopefully soon!!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. I think doing the home try-on option would make me want every pair I picked lol

  2. i only buy mine online now...i love warby parker, too!!

    1. They are really great looking frames! What's not to like?

  3. I always wanted to wear glasses when I was a kid too. I tried to fake an eye test when I was about 10. It didn't work, ha.

    Corinne x

  4. I LOVE those glasses on you! I've been wanting a new pair of glasses, but I'm so blind, that no matter the thinness of the lens that I order, they still look thick! I love glasses though and would wear them more often if I wasn't outdoors so much and needed to wear sunglasses. -Jess L

  5. Replies
    1. Me too! I'm waiting for them to come back in stock for the home try-on program!

  6. These look great on you! I've always wanted to try out their glasses, but I am so particular. I don't have the face for their kind of frames. Luckily, you do!


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