Pamela's: A Pittsburgh Legend

Pamela's in the Strip.
Alright, I will be honest, I use to be a fraud. You read that correctly. For the past few years I have been fraudulently referring people to eat at Pamela's Diner, when in reality, my first ever trip was Monday morning. However, now I feel safe to say that at least I know for sure I have never led anyone in the wrong direction! I have known that Pamela's is a staple in Pittsburgh for breakfast and lunch, simply through word of mouth, but surprisingly I made my first trip to the Pamela's in The Strip with Eric yesterday morning.

While I know Pamela's is known for the pancakes, I, true to form, ordered the veggie omelet with a side of home fries. I don't eat breakfast often, but when I do, I always pick the veggie omelet so of course Pamela's had to pass this test on the first visit to ensure a second. And trust me, they've ensured more than just a second one. Needless to say the food was yummy. But what I loved most about Pamela's was the building itself and the decor.

From the moment I walked in, I noticed every little detail that made me love just sitting in the diner. Maybe it was because I was actually wearing my glasses, but I noticed little things that might be missed otherwise. Each of the pictures on the wall, the late '50's theme, it was like we walked into an Instagram photo...only authentic. Diners are quite possibly my favorite things so I felt right at home here, especially since every song that played while we were at Pamela's reminded me of all the CD's I have at some point borrowed from my parents. (Cue music: Looking Glass, James Taylor and Annie Lennox). What a great vibe.

Now that I've been to Pamela's in the strip district, I feel like I must make it to each one of them at some point, which means at least five more breakfast trips. And the next trip I will order the famous pancakes. But dearest Pamela's owners, one request...please, please, please, open another diner downtown! I promise I could probably keep you in business completely on my own.


It's been a summer!

Well blog lovers, sorry for the summer hiatus. To those of you who would have liked to know about all the fun and to-do list items going on in Pittsburgh this summer and I hope that you still found them out without me, but do not fret....I'm back!

This summer has sent me to various fun locations and to new heights, personally. I love the summer months! I always seem to use it as a renewal time and of course to rest and get tan. Well, I have been renewed and have rested but the beautiful tan I had at the beginning of the summer has faded away. However, the memories I made this summer have not, so here's the rundown of what I have done all summer, instead of living in blog-world.

First and foremost, you should know that throughout the summer I was thoroughly immersed in researching the glittery universe of fashion marketing for this little thing called the master's thesis. I will gladly talk to anyone about how wonderful this world is, but please give my brain some time to breathe first, it was going crazy all summer. Also, for anyone who thinks fashion marketing is a dumb thing to do a thesis on can no longer be my friend...you have no idea, so again, I will be happy to explain it all to you at a later date.

The first stop on my summer adventure was a week away at Jumonville, a summer camp where I spent my childhood and have spent the past four summers as a camp counselor. My friend Hannah asked me to help her with running an adventure camp for a week. For anyone who actually knows Hannah and I, you should know that adventure camp isn't really our favorite thing, but no worries, our campers were elementary aged so nothing too crazy was allowed because they are too small for a lot of the harder adventure activities. We did however enjoy some rafting, caving and the ropes course and adventure center on Jumonville's campus.

Hannah, Jenna and I waiting our turn to fly 800 feet above Ocean City!
The week after adventure camp, Hannah and I, along with our friends Jenna, Colleen and Emily packed up and headed south for Ocean City, for a week long adventure to celebrate Hannah's birthday. Along with of course, laying on the beach for countless hours, the girls and I spent one day parasailing and jet skiing, which was some of the best money ever spent on rental equipment, thanks to Paradise Watersports. We also were able to go to Assateague Island, which is notorious for its wild horses that roam the island. This girls' getaway was a great time with friends and a great start to the summer.

Our view during the Pirates' game for my birthday!
The following week was my favorite time of the summer, as it is every year, because it was my birthday week, which goes along with the fourth of July...my favorite holiday! I spent my birthday being spoiled with a trip to Panera, my favorite restaurant, and a one hour cruise on the Gateway Clipper with MJ and then dinner at Fire Mountain with MJ, my brother Eric and of course, my parents. On July 4th, I spent the holiday in khaki pants, working a 14-hour shift at the Gateway Clipper, since it's the busiest day of the year for them. I still got to watch the fireworks, aboard the Majestic on the river...picturesque to say the least. I finished the celebration that Friday with a bunch of my friends, with a tailgate party and Pirates game to top off the week.

Also in July, Lindsay and I went to an event that we have been looking forward to for most of our adult lives. The Dave Matthews Band concert. What a night! Quite possibly the greatest show I have been to and like I said, one that I have been excited to see for a very long time! So I am glad that they, and their opening act, SOJA, lived up to my expectations.

Ashley, Jenna, Hannah and I right before our little dancers performed. 
While the rest of July was dedicated to working everyday at the Gateway Clipper and working every night on the thesis, August brought another week at Jumonville for an Elementary Dance Camp, with Hannah and Jenna and another great friend, Ashley. And it also brought the end to the thesis and I left my position at the Clipper to allow more time for school-related internships and jobs. So I'm sure some of you are thinking that I should now be done with my masters degree, but I have one more semester to finish the program. I thought doing all of the reading and research and ultimately writing over the summer would be better and give me more time to devote to it, which actually only became particularly true with this busy summer line-up. But Point Park only has a May commencement so I will be taking some extra courses as well to build up my portfolio and then graduate in May. I cannot believe I am almost a "Master."

Baby Khalifa...look at those eyes!
This summer was a great time to rejuvenate and even get excited for the new school year to start, since I am so close to almost being done and obtaining a goal I have had for a few years now. However, the greatest part of my summer was not any of the things mentioned above and saying it might certify me as a weirdo, but I'll take it. In mid-June, I adopted a beautiful little black kitten and named her Khalifa. I love her more than most things and she is the only cat I like. When I was little I wanted a kitten so badly, but then we got a dog and I fell in love with her and dogs in general, making me a "dog-person" which I would still consider myself to be. So don't go telling me that I will instantly become a cat-person because I got a kitten. I will only like this kitten....I'm still a dog-person.

And finally for my summer, I was recently, by which I mean, yesterday, I was offered a position to be a Pittsburgh Steelers Blogger for the site Her Game Life, which is a site geared towards women interested in the NFL. I am very excited for the smell of fall and the game of football to get started so I can blog even more. I'll give you the heads up to look out for me there! So enough about me, what did you guys do this summer? Anything that you could consider to be your favorite thing from the warmer months or are you looking forward to fall as well?
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