Last Minute Halloween Costume DIY

So after much love given to me because of my lovely Halloween costume from this year, I have decided to share with you how I created it because it was super easy and if you have yet to decide what you're going to be and need something for tonight and/or an outing this weekend, I'd be honored if you'd make your own iPod nano costume.

With beautiful friends, Holly and Heather at Buckheads.
That's right, for those of you who do not stalk my personal Facebook account, I was an iPod Nano. I would have preferred to be a pink one, because that is the one I have, but I was working on limited time and resources. However, I think it turned out to be a success and it lasted through the night of walking in the pre-Frankenstorm drizzle and through sweaty dancing inside of a PACKED Tiki-Lounge. (Which, by the way was a fabulous place to spend the evening. It was like a friend's awesome house party and had fantastic throw-backs and current hits in their music selection. You should check it out.)

On to the DIY...

You will need some kind of base fabric. Keep in mind what colors (pink, white, black, silver, yellow, green, red and blue) the iPod Nano comes in. For this, I found it to be easiest to go to Goodwill and find a skirt that was long enough to work as a dress if worn at tube-top level. This way you don't have to sew anything and elastic or a button is already in place so you know your costume will stay in place and you don't have to worry about pulling anything up all night. Your skirt should be PLAIN and as close to a pencil skirt as possible (or a-line for us curvy girls) so you appear to be a rectangle, like the nano. You will also need a small white t-shirt, Sharpie, blue highlighter, green highlighter, scissors, a large circle to trace and a magazine to trace.

1. Start by cutting the t-shirt in two. Cutting along the seams is the easiest.
2. Trace a circle on one half (I used the top of a hat box) and trace the magazine on the other half.
3. Write in/draw the elements of the Menu on the circle & the screen options on the rectangle.
4. If possible, cut out a square on the left hand side of the screen and staple a CD cover you don't mind using, behind it. This gives a more up-to-date iPod look.
5. Sew, safety pin, tape or glue the pieces onto your skirt or fabric. (I used safety pins and double-sided tape because, like I said, I made this about an hour before I left the house in it, so I didn't have time to sew.)
6. Rock out knowing your costume is BOMB and you paid less than $5 on it.

This picture was taken AFTER being worn all night...proud of it holding up. 

Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween! 

Love, Chels


Vote for my new profile picture!

Hello sweet readers! Recently I was able to work with my friend, Ashley, of Ash Tay Photography to take some lovely profile pictures for Chels & the City. And I am in love with basically every last one of them!

You can see them on my Facebook (and soon to come Pinterest)! But I have narrowed them down to four options for the main profile picture of this here blog and need your help to decide. (Unbiased opinions if you will.) So see that little box over there to the right that says "Meet Chels" ------->

Yeah...imagine each of these photos in that spot and tell me which one you think would work best there - leave your vote as a comment and I will pick the fan favorite! (The second and third place winners will be used on other pages of this blog so do not fret!) I love all of your faces for reading/voting. I really do appreciate your support and hope that you love reading it as much as I love writing it.

Option #1
Option #2

Option #3
Option #4

Thanks for voting! You are fabulous!

Love, Chels


Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Stephanie!

I have been awful at Fashion Forward Fridays recently and I apologize profusely. I know that it has become my "claim to fame" in blog-world so I promise to get back in the game. I actually have a couple ideas in the works to make it even cooler...if that is possible.
Stephanie, much prettier than that potted plant.

However, feast your eyes on this vintage-dressed cutie: Stephanie! As she poses sweetly outside of the Pittsburgh Public Theater and eagerly welcomes the weekend and the start of a new big-girl job at Big Brothers Big Sisters. I cannot get over this skirt. I think that it is so bold and Stephanie is rocking it, she's braver than I am. Stephanie says that she wouldn't consider herself a fashionista because she wears what she thinks looks good on her, not necessarily what's "on trend." Which I actually think is what makes someone a fashionista/o but I understand what she means. Stephanie said that if she wears what's in style, cool, but if not, that she's still going to wear it, because the best thing to wear is confidence.

I love this advice from her! My interview with her and her responses were like everything I always want people to tell me to write about. Stephanie thinks that the most important thing to do when getting dressed for any occasion is to be honest with your body type. YES. She also said to be proud of what you wear and how you're wearing it. DOUBLE YES.

Stephanie loves stores like Kohl's and The Gap, but also is a avid thrift store shopper, even though she said that her grandmother and mother would disapprove of that. But she said that you have to be patient, thoughtful and clean to be able to make thrift-store finds into treasures. Like for instance, this fabulous skirt she's wearing. How could you not pay attention to this outfit and the lovely lady rocking it while walking downtown? Stephanie also said that GQ should not have named Pittsburgh the third-worst-dressed because this well traveled lady has seen cities that are much worse. Hooray for the home-team!


The Producers Take Over The Playhouse

Oh. My. Goodness. I have been raving about this production since I saw it on Saturday night. I cannot believe how fabulous it was. Honestly, if you have the time to do so, you must go see The Producers at Point Park University's Playhouse. These students should be very proud of their performance and you should really take the time to check out the talent of Pittsburgh's up-and-coming.

The Producers runs until Sunday the 28th at the Playhouse.
The Producers, is a musical adapted by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, based on the film by the same name by Brooks from 1968. The lyrics and music were also written by Brooks and arranged by Glen Kelly and Doug Besterman. The story, which was also made into a musical movie in 2005 as well, is about Max Bialystock, a renown Broadway producer and his new partner, former accountant, Leo Bloom. Max (portrayed by senior, Tom Driscoll) and Leo (sophomore, Carter Ellis, who was made for this part) figure out a way to earn much more money on a Broadway musical flop, than a hit and scheme together to create the worst show possible. They bring together an awful show, a horrible director and actors who just don't have it and hope for the best worst.

This show relies on many show business jokes, ridiculous accents, and poking fun of Nazi's and homosexuals and to be quite honest, I never really liked it before. While anyone can go into this show and laugh at certain parts, as a whole, I never found it to be the great musical it is said to be. Now, obviously the twelve Tony Awards that it won would disagree with me. But, simple as that, I never really liked it before. Until now.

Driscoll, Mandie Russak (a senior, as Ulla) & Ellis. Photo credit.  
The Point Park Conservatory Theater Company has changed my mind. Each student in this show brought everything they had and left it all on the stage. They brought these outrageous characters to life and made The Rockwell Theater swell with talent. I do not think a single student lacked any bit of character and each one brought the performance to the next level with each scene. All of them should be making their director, Point Park alumnus, Tome' Cousin, and the entire Point Park community proud with the obvious hit they brought to this stage. This is the biggest show that Point Park has done and these students have proven that they can handle the challenge of doing even bigger and better and I applaud them.

This was the first Point Park show that I was actually able to attend and I was floored by the talent that this school is holding. Call me biased, but I don't know any of the students in this show very well. Keep in mind I'm a grad student at Point Park and have few opportunities to interact with undergrads, especially the super busy COPA students. I sincerely look forward to future shows and suggest that you make seeing The Producers a part of your plans this weekend since it's final show is Sunday night, you will not be disappointed.


FUNDS: Let's talk about money!

While I type this, Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child is running a loop in my head...coincidence? Last night, I was able to attend a great little event to really kick off Homeless Children's Awareness Week. Granted, I was pretty much hounded into going by Isaac, who was one of the speakers, and Trent, who was the MC, but I am so glad that I was able to go.

Logo for HCEF.
The event, FUNDS: True Stories About Money, was an evening of first-person storytelling and was beyond entertaining. It was held at James Street Gastropub and Speakeasy, which was a perfect venue with a great vibe and wonderful food and drinks. And while I may (okay I do) have a biased opinion, I loved Isaac's story the most but also adored that so many people participated in telling their hilarious, thought provoking and heartwarming stories. From learning about the generosity of a man in Haiti, the feeling of bouncing checks, finding a prostitute's jump-drive, figuring out the best gifts from boys usually aren't expensive...or in that storyteller's case, expected, and of course, Isaac's tales of growing up on a farm, each story connected back in some way to money and how the storyteller related to it at some point in their lives. It was interesting to hear so many different stories especially when all I could think about was how I was spoiled with money and other blessings (like a cleaning lady for our house) growing up and now am figuring out ways to pay for everything myself. Thanks for that reality check!

FUNDS was organized by Homeless Children's Education Fund. Which raises awareness of HCEF's efforts on behalf of youth experiencing homelessness in Allegheny County. Trent gave a lot of statistics that were very shocking to me and he mentioned ways to volunteer to help the cause, which is something I may look in to in the future because, like Trent said last night, it is hard to imagine that so many children face homelessness when we usually think of adults as the only people dealing with this issue. Homelessness in general is a topic that I plan on bringing up in the series of Peace'burgh, so I'm sure you'll be hearing about this event again from me, I thought it was absolutely fabulous and a great way to talk about something that usually people do not like to mention.

There are a couple more events this week coming from the HCEF if you want to check them out! Including an art installation/performance art piece called "Stand Up." This is a volunteer-based event where volunteers will be holding up pictures of actual homeless children in the area over their own faces (like a mask) and stand outside of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall for a moment of silence to portray the statistics and to act as a symbol for the children in Allegheny County facing homelessness. There will also be food from Franktuary provided afterwards for volunteers, which is reason enough to help out. Also, for those of you steel city runners out there, HCEF is also hosting a 5K Run/Walk at North Park on Saturday. This is a great cause to become involved with and this week is a perfect time to do so!


New Design

Hello readers, if you came looking for Fashion Forward Fridays, I'm sorry to let you down. But hey look, new design! I had to create a branding project for a class so I decided to use Chels & the City to do so. I still have some little changes I want to make and a few more additions but I would like your input on how you feel about the updates!

Also, while you're looking around, it would be fabulous if you joined my site through Google Friend Connect just look over to the right, scroll down until you see "Fabulous Followers" and click join this site. I'd appreciate it!

Happy Friday, friends! Have a great weekend!

Love, Chels


The Perks at The Manor

Monday night has become my go-to movie day. I'm okay with it! This week, Isaac and I went to The Manor in Squirrel Hill to see The Perks of being a Wallflower. So while You, dear reader, might think you are just here to read a review of the movie, think again. The Manor is also worth quite the mention considering it's history. So let's start there and then jump into the greatest movie I've seen this year. I think that's pretty safe to say, though I cannot actually remember all of the movies I've seen in 2012.

The Manor has great curb appeal!
The Manor, which is located in Pittsburgh's East End is one of the oldest theaters in the city. This theater is now celebrating it's 90th year of showing films and is newly renovated, and gorgeous. I especially loved the little seating area next to the concession stand and new bar. Yeah, a movie theater with a classy bar. How about that? Anyway, The Manor's slogan is "where the good movies play," and from what I've seen on their marquee whenever I am heading past it on the bus, that slogan seems fairly accurate. And thankfully for me and Isaac, and those other people in the theater with us, The Perks of being a Wallflower, was one of those movies.

One more thing about The Manor that I should mention too is that they do not show previews. So while I prefer to sit through them; to give some buffer time to late-comers and to be able to see what is coming out soon, but to be really honest, I guess since I was on time and didn't really care about any other movie, I was okay with it. Anyway, Perks. To keep it simple...great movie. I read the book in like sophomore year of college, "for fun." What, who does that? I have to admit that I forgot most of what happened, so I guess I'll have to re-read it since the movie did not align with all of what I remember of the book. But what I do remember of the book and this movie are fabulous.

The Perks of being a Wallflower movie poster outside of The Manor.
The Perks of being a Wallflower, which is based on the novel by the same name, by Stephen Chbosky (who also directed the movie), is about Charlie (played by Logan Lerman), a high school freshman, who is coping with his best friend's recent suicide, his own tortured past and being an outsider in the new world of high school. It's so cute when the protagonist is an introvert! I just wanted to squeeze him up and tell him I'd be his friend. Lerman was the perfect choice to play Charlie too. He is such a seasoned actor but just looks like an innocent little boy and had such a dopey little look on his face that I think was perfect for his character, or a puppy. He had a perfect performance in this movie.

Thankfully, as the story goes, Charlie does meet some friends, Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller) who are seniors, step-siblings and very full of life. However, just because the boy meets friends, this is still high school, so of course the rest of the school year includes dances, football, hook-ups, hang-outs, secrets, presents, classes, books, break ups and make ups and a whole lot of junk and drama thrown in every time adolescents seem bored. And of course, while some have supportive parents, controlling parents, pushy or absent parents, each young character is molded by their eight hours inside the school, but apparently more so by the hours spent in between. But let's get down to the greatest part of the movie: the setting.

Pittsburgh played as the backdrop for this fast-paced, flashback-heavy drama and while I am obviously biased, I think no other city could have done any better. You can tell in some scenes where they were shot, areas of Bethel Park, Upper St. Clair (where Chbosky is from) and of course, Peters Township High School. However, the most obvious places were the West End Overlook, Hollywood Theater in Dormont and the Fort Pitt Tunnel and Bridge. Oh man Pittsburgh, you've never looked more beautiful than in the background of kids riding in the back of a pickup truck. Which is actually illegal in the state of Pennsylvania for minors, but it makes for a few great scenes.

A great moment in the movie and a fabulous shot of Pittsburgh. Photo by John Bramley.
Besides the Pittsburgh scenes being beautiful, the soundtrack and timelessness of the film were so gorgeous. Although the book and movie are technically in the setting of the 90's, the only thing that obviously gives that time away is the making of mix tapes. God, don't you just miss making those? Such time and effort was put into your music consumption back then. Bring back the cassette tape! Anyway, since fashion is always on a repeat cycle and music classics like The Smiths, The Beatles and David Bowie seem to transcend through generations, you could not really tell that this movie was set in a certain time period. Especially since most of the scenes were shot in the school, how often do you really think high schools get a modern update? Granted there were no cell phones, no mention of Facebook and Charlie does use a typewriter, these are minor things that have not real hindrance on the plot. Usually in period-setting movies where characters get into weird situations I think "just call or text someone for help!" but there was never a time like that in Perks and the typewriter is making its comeback (I hope) so it seemed more endearing or classic rather than a sign of the times.

Not many can write a timeless story and match it with a timeless film, so hats off to Chbosky. Also this cast was so impressive, pretty much comprised of all of my favorite, not-so-Hollywood actors. This movie is a must see for audiences young and old. It truly is a timeless classic about growing up, finding unforgettable friends, loss, bullying, hope and most importantly, love.


Fashion Forward Fridays: My Week!

Alright friends, so in a couple hours I have an interview that I am really excited for; however, that leaves me no time to hop around downtown to find a fashionista for Fashion Forward Fridays. So today, I am featuring three of the cutest outfits I think that I wore in the past week. Those of you who are regulars, next week we'll get back to the typical search and those of you who are stopping by because I am a featured blogger on Coming Unstitched today, thanks for stopping by and I hope you become a regular!

Pictures made with Polyvore.
First up, Monday! Ah, everyone's least favorite day. My Monday's are (currently) pretty open, so I am able to take my time getting ready, go to a weekly meeting about an advertising campaign I am working on and then usually spend the rest of my day in the Point Park Library...because I am a nerd. So this also gives me time to hang out with friends if I get all of my work done. So I wore this outfit all day and then it made for the perfect number to wear out to go see House at the End of the Street with Isaac and Jodi and then grab dinner in at Emilianos. I very much love this outfit and even though I don't like to repeat outfits, I might make an exception for this one. I got a lot of compliments on my bus ride over to SouthSide Works, which just screams fabulous. I also did one of my best ballerina buns for the occasion, making me look kind of snotty, but hey, we all have those days. Ha. My pink cardigan is an oldie from Old Navy, and the mint floral top I wore is actually a one shoulder dress from Maurice's that I hemmed to make into a shirt instead. Love.

For Wednesday, all I have to do is go to night class, but that does not mean I let my outfits lack. This might be offensive but I hate when people do not dress nicely for class. Sorry. I also never (okay maybe I did once) wear sweatpants in public. So it irks me when people do - especially to class. I just feel that class is our form of a work environment right now and should dress nicely. No pencil skirt or suit needed, but I think students should at least look put together. So I try my best to dress nicely, even if it is just class. I love this outfit because I recently bought these peach colored jeans from Target and love mixing them with bold colors. Never be afraid of color. Something bright always makes a person stand out in my opinion. However, unlike the picture, my pop of blue is actually an over-sized blue vest in this color, that I cannot find a picture of anywhere. It's from Express but I got it from Plato's Closet for $3 - which is a steal for how much I love it and wear it often. Do you have any great pieces like that?

Finally Thursday, this is an outfit I wore last week. It was raining here in the 'burgh and I had class, but again, I still felt the need to dress nicely, like I always do. So I did my best in creating an outfit that would keep my hair from going crazy in the humidity, hence the baseball hat, that I paired with a side braid. My favorite! Anyway, in this picture it shows a Twins hat, but I certainly did not wear that, I was rocking the Boston Red Socks hat...because though I love the Pittsburgh Pirates, you've gotten have a backup team. (Thanks, Eric for picking my backup team.) This outfit also was able to still be cute even though I was just wearing a baseball hat. I think it's a simple chic that I really enjoy, and makes an outfit look effortless. Also, pretty much everything in this outfit came from Target, which is usually my go-to store for anything, especially clothes. And the hat was probably stolen from my brother. Thanks!

What great outfits have you had in the past week or so? Make sure you keep them coming, especially if you are downtown Pittsburgh! You never know when you'll run into a blogger wanting to feature you on her blog. Keep it colorful, confident and classy, Pittsburgh! Happy Weekend.


Indo Asian Fusion - Eat Up!

As I said in my last post, my friend Kait and I were able to have a lovely adventure of Wednesday. While we first stopped in to see two exhibits at the ToonSeum, we really only headed over to the that area of downtown Pittsburgh because Kait mentioned seeing a new restaurant when she was riding the bus into work. New downtown restaurant?...we were sold.

Logo for the Restaurant
While we thought it was just another Chinese place, we were in for a treat. The new restaurant, Indo Asian Fusion, was so much more than that. Luckily, Kait and I walked in with about an hour left during the lunch buffet time so we were able to sample a little bit of everything. The buffet is out daily for lunch from 11am - 3pm and for dinner on Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 10pm. Indo Asian Fusion is just what downtown needs. If you've never been to a fusion restaurant, this would be a great place to test out. It had the perfect blend of traditional Indian and Asian dishes and so many sauces and vegetables, we were easily filled up and for only $7.99!

Now I will admit that my absolute favorite item on the buffet was a little strawberry tart dessert, but that's because my taste buds are always craving strawberries. Anyway, if you are downtown and are open to trying new things, you must try this restaurant. Not only was it yummy and a great change to the typical lunch break, but the service and decor were fabulous.

The kind of food you can expect. Photo Credit.
For there only being one waiter on the floor during the lunch break, he was very attentive and kept that water coming! Which is a must for any place with a lot of spicy foods. And everyone else in the restaurant seemed to be getting the exact same, great service. Indo Asian Fusion also is just a beautiful space. With it's dark wood floors and rich red and yellows throughout the restaurant, it felt good to be there. The walls also have a lot of artwork that are for sale as well, so it was interesting to be in a space that was obviously well planned and also a great place for gallery-worthy pieces to be. (They also had beautiful brown bowl sinks in the bathroom that I just adored.) To say the least, this place was well thought out. The concept and food itself will bring you in, but the decor and quality service will bring you back again and again.

I know I will become a regular at this place because the price was great for a nice downtown buffet, the food was delicious, the space is beautiful and honestly, the service was just so good. I cannot rave enough about this place, it is exactly what downtown needs and I really appreciate it being here. Make your way to 957 Liberty Ave. You will be glad you stopped in and your tummy (and taste buds) will thank you all day!


Holy Care Bears, Batman!

So the nicest thing about living downtown Pittsburgh is being able to pop in to businesses, restaurants and galleries without taking up so much time that you worry about having "enough" time to enjoy things you want to see. Today after working a student matinee at the Pittsburgh Public Theater, my lovely friend Kait and I decided to go on a little day-date, or adventure if you will.

The front of ToonSeum - Picture from The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project
This is just to talk about part one of our adventure and either later tonight or tomorrow you can read about part two! Which involves food and was super fabulous...and new! Anyway, for part one, Kait and I ventured to ToonSeum, "a museum with character." Now I must admit, I always look past this place because I thought it was just for kids. So I have been a little skeptical about going in, until I saw that they were showing a Care Bears and a Batman exhibit. Score! So I had planned to make it over there at some point and was glad to have the company.

The sign said 'Hug Me' - I was just following the rules!
I have to admit, I was wrong about this cute little museum and I am sure I will be returning at least to check out more of the gift shop! I loved the space though, very bright and animated, for lack of a better term, but also interactive and welcoming. The staff also seemed very engaging and knowledgeable about the exhibits. Like I said, the two exhibits featured today were "Care Bears: 30 Years of Caring & Hugs" and "Pittsburgh as Gotham." Both made me feel very nostalgic. The Care Bears exhibit was in the Main Gallery and reminded me of little loves from my childhood. Various Care Bear merchandise was on display as well as many, many, many different art pieces and drawings along the walls, this room just instantly made me happy.

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's uniform from the Dark Knight Rises.
As for Pittsburgh as Gotham, this gallery reminded me of when I first moved in to my current apartment downtown a little over a year ago. As many of you know, the most recent Batman movie, The Dark Night Rises, was shot in Pittsburgh during the summer and fall of 2011. It was great to see the city turn into the backdrop for such a major film, during the same time that I was moving in, so I especially loved seeing the ToonSeum bring this time to life again through this exhibit. This exhibit, brought many different elements of Batman and his history to the same space in the Lou Shiemer Gallery in ToonSeum. The very detailed drawings and the more cartooned pictures were all great pieces and I loved all the memorbilia from the movie. I especially loved seeing the pictures from the set and during filming, even though I saw a lot of the action first hand, you could only get so many little glimpses of what was going on, so it was great to see those spaces in detail.

So, I was wrong, this is not just for the kiddos, though I'm sure they would enjoy it! However, unlike most of the other galleries downtown, ToonSeum does charge, but for five dollars, it was great to be able to look around for as long as we pleased. I would recommend checking out what this gallery has to offer and not think that it is just a place for the kids. Also stay tuned for part two of our adventure today in a later post...I promise it is mouth watering!


Pumpkin-Spiced Post

Hmmm...hello October! I am sure I am not alone when I say that October is quite possibly my favorite month, especially right here in Pennsylvania. The crisp air, the smell of summer fading out, leaves changing colors, sweaters, boots and scarves, the color orange, harvesting (whatever that means), and everything pumpkin flavored! Yum. I could just eat up October.

Photo by: Darrell Sapp / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (10/29/2004)
While I love all of the things I mentioned above, I also love to hate the scary stuff that October likes to bring out too. Halloween is that holiday that I love to celebrate because of the candy and dress-up factor but the haunted houses and scary movies are the little things that I always want to avoid, but just cannot do so because I love October and want to be fully immersed in it all. So just for you beautiful readers, I have compiled a list of must do's in and around Pittsburgh during my favorite month. These events are not the only ones that are going on, but are the ones that most sparked my interest based on what I know you all seem to be drawn to most, and of course things I wouldn't mind going to myself. Enjoy the month, the beautiful, the yummy and the scary...Happy October!

OngoingHaunted Pittsburgh Ghost Tours, Various locations
These folks know what they're doing when it comes to the scary. Tours run throughout the year, not just Halloween time, and are taking on the incline, downtown and Oakland. Learn a little Pittsburgh history and take a thrilling tour.
Kennywood is a go-to during any Pittsburgh tour, but during this time Fright Nights continues the summer fun of an amusement park, adds in some haunted houses and allows visitors to roam the park at night, with all the critters and creeps that lurk there in the dark.
Oct 4thThe Scarehouse Opens, in Etna, Pa
The Travel Channel said that this place is "One of America's Scariest Halloween Attractions." I think that's enough to say about this place.
Oct 5thPumpkin Patch Trolley Starts, in Washington, Pa
These trolley rides are the ultimate fall family fun event. Take the whole gang!
In the spirit of pet adoption, either bring along your own dog or come out to meet with some in need of a good home. Includes music, food and prizes will be given out for the pooches who come out in costume!
October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One way to help the cause is to bring your dog out for a one-mile walk, even if you don't have a dog, you are welcome to come out to support the Pittsburgh branch of Komen for the Cure.
Oct 12th – Beginning of Phipps Conservatory Fall Events
No better way to enjoy the beauty of fall than at a huge flower garden. Hope you don't have allergies!
Oct 13th – Beginning of Gateway Clipper Fleet Fall Cruises
The GCF loves sailing along the three rivers during the fall. Enjoy the sites on a sightseeing tour, fall foliage tour, Halloween dance cruise, and many others that will make you take a ridiculous amount of pictures of changing leaves.
German beer and traditional food. Enough said! Please take me with you!
Bonus points to whoever goes with me to this too! Put on your artsy pants and make your own glass pumpkin. Do you know the history of Pittsburgh and glass making? Make your own piece of history this fall!
Oct 20th – Bowling for Breast Cancer, at Amf BowlingCenter
Again, support the cause, wear your pink and throw some strikes.
This one's especially for the kiddos! I know some super loyal readers have little cuties that would love to show off their creativity by "editing" an old Halloween costume and this would be a great way to do it together.
One of the biggest and best adult Halloween parties in the 'burgh going on their 4th year. This party raises thousands of dollars for the organization, so party on for another good cause.

More than anything...enjoy the month. Enjoy the weather, the smells, tastes and sights, the crunchy leaves. Just enjoy the city and be jealous of this cutie who I get to spend all my months with, but especially my favorite month...and obviously her's too.
Nothing says October like Steelers and cute little black kitten!
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