Fashion Forward Fridays: CMU Lunar Gala 2014

All photos property of Lunar Gala | LG Website | Executive Producers | Some of the 2014 Models
Lunar Gala is a student-run organization at Carnegie Mellon University devoted to promoting fashion talent and innovation throughout the campus community. Each February Lunar Gala produces a fashion show that showcases students; work in fashion, dance, and modeling. In addition, the show brings together the incredible talent of CMU designers, programmers, artists, and technicians to create what is truly the year's most exciting campus event. Lunar Gala shines as the example of the innovative and interdisciplinary teamwork that can only come out of CMU. This year's Lunar Gala, entitled HYPNOSE will incorporate kaleidoscopic videos, a Red Bull unusual materials competition, and wearable technology. HYPNOSE is scheduled for Saturday, February 15, starting promptly at 8p.m. in Wiegand Gym. This event will showcase the young talent of Pittsburgh and is sure to be something that you do not want to miss!

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