Blossoming Women Conference: Coming in April to Pittsburgh

I am excited to share with you ladies today about an opportunity coming to Pittsburgh that is sure to benefit some of us, the Blossoming Women Conference! On April 18th, the conference will take place at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Hotel in Coraopolis, Pa. The Blossoming Women Conference is hosted by LaTersa Blakely, an author, speaker and life coach for women and at risk girls. While LaTersa is the main contact person for this event, as well as one of the speakers, she will join three other women, Michelle Gill Newton, Tamara C. Gooch, and Leslie Reichert, in the hopes of helping to empower professional women, entrepreneurial women and mothers to realize their potential and know that they are enough to turn that potential into a positive career move.

I Am Enough is the theme for this event which plans to promote the skills needed to balance work and family life, the tools needed to grow as an entrepreneur, and live a more healthy lifestyle all around. This seems like a lot to take on, but based on the histories of the four women speakers it sounds like this is shaping up to be an exciting and transforming event. There will also be a vendors area where attendees can browse for inspirational books and CD's, and snag some relaxing goodies for themselves.  For more information, to read up on the speakers backgrounds, and to see what all is in store for the Blossoming Women's Conference, feel free to browse the event's website.

If you're already sold on this Conference and ready to go, follow along with the ladies on Twitter with #IAMENOUGH2014 and sign up by registering online with the link below. As a Chels & the City reader, you will be given a special discount offer for the conference with the code latersa at checkout. Hoping that this is a beneficial event for the women of Pittsburgh and to see some of you there!

Discount code: latersa

This is a partnered post, I was contacted to promote this event, but all opinions are my own.


  1. that sounds like an amazing conference!

  2. This sounds AWESOME. Wish I was a wee bit closer so I could attend.

    1. I always think you live closer than you do, but I've made that drive to Akron before and it was not fun!


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