Fashion Forward Fridays: Aw Else Boutique

All photos provided by Aw Else Boutique.
Happy Friday, everyone! I am very excited to introduce Aw Else Boutique to you all today for Fashion Forward Fridays! Aw Else Boutique is located in Greensburg, Pa, but for my readers outside the Pittsburgh area, not to fear, Aw Else has recently launched their online shop and it's sure to please. So everyone, please continue reading for an inside look at this fabulous little boutique!

Danielle Shaffer, who owns Aw Else Boutique, runs the shop Monday through Saturday. The boutique carries Big Buddha Handbags, Cinda B, Sorrelli, John Wind, Lancaster Paris, Chrysalis, Pouchee Purse Organizers, Lolita Wine Glasses, Aroma Decor, and Bridgewater Candle Co. Aw Else's mission is to indulge the women of the community with a relaxing and fulfilling experience. Danielle and her staff invite you into their ladies boutique with an encapsulating, contemporary ambiance, and their goal is for every woman to feel like the "Glitterati." 

Danielle says that, "One heart at a time, we're making a difference in women's lives by bringing a little bit of New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and some international style, right here to Greensburg! We can help you look fabulous for special occasions and everyday wear." Aw Else Boutique, also known as AEB to their loyal fans, is the premier fashion accessories destination in the area. AEB provides personal service to the style-minded woman who is shopping for jewelry, handbags, and accessories to complete her own unique look.

So be sure to indulge yourself in a little shopping (in person if you're near Greensburg) or online for those of you further away! With the fabulous designer fashions and select styles at Aw Else Boutique, you're sure to find something you love and be the "Glitterati" of town!

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  1. what a great shop! i love their tassel jewelery!

  2. So be sure to engage yourself in a little purchasing (in individual if you're near Greensburg) or on the internet for those of you further away! With the fantastic developer designs and choose designs at Aw Else Store, you're sure to discover something you really like and be the "Glitterati" of town! @Women's Fashion Boutique


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