Twelve of 'twelve

Hello. Today's post is brought to you by the number twelve. Here's a list of the twelve most memorable things that happened in the past year, in no real particular order, accompanied by some epic photos. And I would like to thank you all for following along with my little blog here, liking the page 
on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest, and here's planning for bigger and better things in 2013! 
Remember, sweet reader, you are awesome and I appreciate you!

Love, Chels


 12. Read twelve novels. Nerd alert.

11. Discovered some killer music. (Even though I think this happens to me every year.)

10. Said goodbye to my first pet after my family had to put our beautiful baby to sleep.
Eric, Gordy & Me - we're just babies in this picture! Circa 1999-ish.

9. Had nine poems published

7. Saw Dave Matthews Band and Ben Folds in concert. (Two, ten year goals completed, finally!)

6. Went parasailing with beautiful friends in Ocean City!
Hannah, Me & Jenna - And, naturally, I am being ridiculous and over-dramatic.

5. I got a kitten! After she was rescued from a random man in a Lowe's parking lot. 
Baby Khalifa might have bigger eyes than I do.

4. Celebrated three years of love & five years of friendship with a cutie I like to call MJ.

3. Watched my brother grow as a musician through doing countless shows over the year, including his biggest show to date with Meiko. (I'm one proud little sister. You rock, Eric.)
"She said, we gotta get outta this town before it explodes. Everyone knows it's exploding but they won't go. And I'm alone, would you come with me?"

1. Finished a freakin' master's thesis.


  1. Dang, girl...a master's thesis! Crazy! But congrats. :) Looks like you accomplished a lot. Sorry about your puppy, but it looks like your sweet kitty is filling the void. :) Here's to a great new year!! <3


    1. Thanks! Hoping you've had a great start to 2013 too!


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