Bring in 2013 in the 'burgh!

Well, it's about that time when everyone finally decides what they will be doing when the new year rolls in. But just in case you haven't figured out your plans just yet, here's some suggestions about what's going on in the 'burgh on Monday!

On the top of the list is Highmark's First Night Pittsburgh 2013. By buying a button for the event (only $8 in advance or $10 the day of) you can have your pick of over 100 events and activities, installations, performances, crafts and a parade. All in, out and around the Cultural District that is sure to please everyone in your family, or group of friends. There is so much to do downtown from ice-skating, to watching fireworks and walking through (what I think is) the greatest part of the city, all while anticipating the drop of the ball above Highmark to welcome in the New Year!

If you want to avoid the busy streets and crowds of people, you can take a lovely trip around the city via the Gateway Clipper Fleet. As always, the Clipper has a variety of options for how to spend the holiday. Whether on a dance or dinner cruise, either is a great way to bring in the New Year with the family or with your friends. Either way, you'll get a great view of the city, prime view of the fireworks and a unique way to spend the last moments of 2012 and the first moments of 2013!

But if the "family friendly" vibe is not really what you're going for, then get dressed up and get out to WHIM Nightclub in Station Square. This event is always covered by the Trib and is the spot to be seen and party up with friends the end the year. At this event, there are prizes, giveaways, a balloon drop and a champagne toast to bring in 2013 in style. WHIM is also the only club in Pittsburgh to have a Kryogenifex system which keeps the dance floor up to 40 degrees cooler. So dress to impress knowing you won't have to worry about getting all sweaty and you hair will stay in place!

Any of these locations are sure to please on New Years because of course, it's more about who you're with then what you're doing. But remember, above all, be safe. Try to remember this New Year by enjoying the people you're with the time that you're celebrating. Enjoy your friends and family and enjoy Pittsburgh in 2013!

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