12 Days of a Pittsburgh Christmas

Well, just like everyone else in the world, I'm here to talk about 12/12/12. Wow. Amazing right? It's like the last time this can ever happen in our lifetime! Alright, moment is over, let's move on. Today I bring to you, my absolute favorite downtown Pittsburgh window display. I am always fascinated by window displays anyway because I'm a total nerd and I like to see how the branding of the company extends to the displays but Christmas is like a magical time for everything, especially window displays.

This one is featured at Larrimor's, which is actually a store I have never been in because it seems to have a more of a "grown-up" business look but I still think their window display is the most fun one I've seen. And I have seen a lot of because the bus stop to the Waterfront is right across the street. These photos were taken by my beautiful, die-hard Pittsburgh loving friend, Liz and I very much appreciate her for going around the entire store to get every window and then let me use them!

So in the theme of twelve's today, thank you Larrimor's for the 12 Days of Christmas, Pittsburgh style.

It's Christmas in Pittsburgh and My True Love Gave to Me...

12 I.C.'s Chillin'
11 Steelers Chargin'

10 Gumbands Snappin'
9 Heads by Andy

8 Perogies Fryin'
7 Pickles Picklin'  

6 Penguins Skatin'
5 Golden Riiiiings....plus one

4 Parking Chairs
3 Stanley Cups

2 Steep Inclines
And 1 View of a Great City

How fabulous! I hope you all are enjoying your day of twelves and this time for Christmas prep!



  1. Thank you for this great post, we're glad you like the windows! They are one of our favorite displays of the whole year. Please stop in some time, we have clothing and accessories to fit any style, we think you'll be surprised what great things you can find.

    1. Great! I will certainly make my way in there soon - thank you for stopping by my blog!


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