Fashion Forward Fridays: What I Look For

Hello friends! I know you're here because you want to see some beautiful winter weather fashion, but today just wasn't may day. And I know some of you might think that I can just walk out the door and pick someone, which I could, but I am oddly particular about my fashionista/o's. So to let you all know why I am sometimes slow to upload on a Friday or why I sometimes don't post at all, here are the ins and out of what I'm looking for and some things I plan to do in the future, to make this more fun for you guys, and yes, easier for me. Also, since I know you still want to see some fashion, I'll be showing you a couple fashionista's I have featured before and how they actually fit in to these Fashion Forward Friday ideals.

1. Fridays are my sleep-in days. So sometimes it's hard for me to pull myself out of bed, get dressed all fashion forward myself and then roam around downtown looking for someone. If planned appropriately, I can take a bus somewhere so that the downtown area of business suits and some students isn't all I find, but that of course, takes getting up earlier.

Channing has interesting pieces and all go well together.
2. My fashionista/o's are unique but still commonly accepted. I like to pick people who are obviously fashionable but not necessarily in a flashy way. I also like to find people who obviously thought about the pieces they put together, I know that sometimes great fashion does happen by accident, but you can tell when someone thought about the parts of their outfits before putting them together. I like to pick those people because they will also have more to say about their fashion sense and give better advice in my opinion. 

3. Fashionista's are always on their phones. Every time I see someone, female or male, who I think "oh, that person would be good," they end up being on the phone. It's hard to stop a stranger on the street while they are on the phone and ask if they will pose for a couple pictures. This also goes for people who walk fast. It's hard to catch up with someone who looks fashionable and although I have done this before with Teiona, I'd rather not do it again, especially since I'm usually wearing heels and I don't prefer to run in them.

Carly was alone & had a lot of great advice to give.

4. I like to stop people while they are by themselves. This might not be scientific, but I feel like someone who is alone is more likely to actually stop for a brief interview and modeling session. When you're in a group or with one other person, you get caught up in conversations and are wrapped up in actually being with them. Also, I would feel bad saying I want to feature one person of the group, while everyone else would just be standing there, possibly offended that I didn't pick them too. I don't like to hurt any feelings.

5. I try my best to get locals. It doesn't make sense for me to take pictures and feature people who are not from Pittsburgh if I'm trying to show that Pittsburgh is a fashionably city. So if you look like a tourist (aka pointing at buildings and street signs or have that face of lost), or you are in an area that attract touristy activities (like right outside theaters or around the PPG ice rink), I'm not going to pick you because while you might be from Pittsburgh, in those instances, I cannot really be sure. Granted, I cannot ever be sure, but when you are from an area, especially an area like Pittsburgh, you have a certain look.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. I know. And for a social butterfly like me this shouldn't matter and this process should be easy right? I know that too. But it does. I look for a certain kind of fashion in a certain area in a certain way, so it's not always as easy as I think it should be. So here are two things I am going to do to help make Fashion Forward Fridays more fun for you guys and a little easier for me.

Number One: I'm going to start picking local boutiques and featuring them once a month. This way, they get a little more exposure and you get to see what they have to offer. A win-win, you see. And some great fashion is still being shown.

Number Two: And the one you are probably more excited for - I want to see your fashion! Also once a month, I am going to be asking my readers, who mostly are from in and around Pittsburgh, to submit your photos to be featured as a fashionista/o. I know you're on the edge of your seat about that.

So how do you like that? Now you know what I look for and you can get excited about an outfit you'd like to submit for a future Fashion Forward Fridays post. The first time I plan on featuring a reader is on December 28th, if you're too excited to wait - feel free to start sending pictures to chelsandthecity[at]gmail[dot]com - make sure you send at least a full body shot and close ups of any great accessories. I will pick my favorite, email you a short interview and feature you on the 28th!

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