Fashion Forward Fridays Submission: Meet Richelle!

Hello friends & fashion lovers! As promised in two previous posts, I have brought to you a reader submission for Fashion Forward Fridays! This week worked out perfectly for the submission because like I've mentioned in my Christmas post, I am at my parents house back in little ol' Ellwood City. Where the fashionable are few and far between, so like I said, submission equals perfection. Especially when that submission comes from a little Point Park senior (and cutie) Richelle.

Richelle's quirky & classic combo.
I am always infatuated with Richelle's outfits when I see her around campus, so naturally wanted her to be my first reader submission post. When she texted me Thursday afternoon asking "How do you feel about printed pants?" before sending in her submission, I knew we would be in for a treat. Richelle is quite possibly the only person I know who can pull off anything. Literally. This girl wears a hoodie and it looks fashionable. Alright. Let's move on before I get too far into sounding like a I have a major girl crush. Although I might. haha

Anyway, Richelle likes to shop at H&M, ModCloth, Madewell, Forever 21, Francesca's, and of course like any fashion connoisseur at vintage and thrift stores as well. Admittedly, she says her closet is "quirky" and made up of a lot of different kind of pieces. By seeing her on a daily basis, you would be able to tell that she knows how to make the funky look great by pairing it with classic pieces. Richelle says, "I like bright colors, but I also love black and white. Basically, I'm pretty much all over the place, but I find a way to make it all me."

All photos compliments of Richelle.
Great styling of the patterned pants, Richelle!

Richelle's advice also is perfect, "To me, personal style isn't about where you shop, it's all about what you do with it. Style can't be purchased. My main piece of advice would be that once you find a fit that's flattering, use it! I'm totally guilty of buying three different colors of the same top, just because I like it that much. Also, comfort is only worth sacrificing for great shoes." Agreed. She also notes fashion bloggers like Jessica Quirk of What I Wore and Toshiko Shek of It's Not Her, It's Me as sources of fashion inspiration, but also gives credit to her trendy and awesome friends too.

Told you this girl can pull off anything! I'm obsessed with this clutch too!

As for Pittsburgh being named the third-worst dressed city, Richelle does not really choose a side. "I think there are are some people here with stellar style and others who are content with their black and gold camouflage print sweat pants and that's ... great. Do your thing and I'll do mine," she said. Hopefully through Richelle and her lovely friend Myrandah, who have co-founded Point Park's Fashion Club, which will bring a clothing party swap, a fashion show and a trip to the big apple during the spring semester, will help students amp-up their style and bring more quality fashion to Pittsburgh. With the guidance of Richelle and Myrandah (who will hopefully submit her fashion looks in the future) I am sure that 1) I will want to do everything this club offers next semester, and 2) Point Park student-style will rub off on the city even more to make Pittsburgh more fashion forward. Happy Weekend!

Mark your calendars if you'd like to be a future reader submission fashionista!
On January 25th I will feature another reader for Fashion Forward Fridays!
Send your submissions to chelsandthecity[at]gmail[dot]com


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