Pittsburgh Gift Guide: For Him

Well, as promised, I am here today to offer some ideas for the men on your list. This gift guide, like yesterday's for the ladies, is all about Pittsburgh shops and stores, hoping to inspire you to buy local. Since you've only got a few days left to shop, if you are near the Pittsburgh area, it will be easy to pick up something on these gift guides. And also like yesterday, those of you men on my list, don't get any ideas of trying to figure out what I got for you this year because everyone is getting something handmade this year. But good thinking if you wanted to ruin your surprises! And...wait no longer, Pittsburgh gift guides for your guys...

For your boyfriend...

#1 Jeans from Moda Pittsburgh | #2 We Wood Watch from Larrimor's
#3 Steelers Leather Wallet from Hometown Sports | #4 Classic Burberry Scarf from Heinz Healey's
#5 Military Style Black Jacket from Lydell's

For your brother...

#1 Any book from Awesome Books | #2 412 Hat from Shop412 | #3 Tennis Shoes from David's Shoes
#4 Any CD or Record from Dave's Music Mine | #5 Steelers Gear from Hometown Sports | #6 Case of Iron City Beer

For your dad...

#1 Cross Necklace from Pittsburgh Silver | #2 Pirates Shirt from Pirates | #3 Tickets to the Pittsburgh Auto Show
#4 Pittsburgh Dad Volume 1 DVD from Pittsburgh Dad | #5 Steelers Car or Truck Floor Mats from Hometown Sports

 Hope today's list and yesterday's for the ladies on your list will help you find some great gift from places right here in the 'burgh! Happy shopping!


  1. Anything that has the STeelers on it, my husband would love. I bought him an iPad for Christmas and got him a Steelers case to go with it. As a Browns fan, I shuddered when it arrived :)

    1. Steelers gifts seem to go a long way with the men in these parts lol but I cannot believe my favorite blogger is a Brown's fan :( haha


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