Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet MJ!

Sorry for the delay folks, but trust me, this one is worth it! Since I have started Fashion Forward Fridays, I've been asked over and over again when will I feature a guy. Especially since my effort is to show that Pittsburgh is a fashionable city, even though GQ named it the third-worst-dressed, and GQ's focus group is men, it's about time I show you a well dressed man.

"Every woman loves a well dressed man."
Truth be told, I base my view on whether or not I think a guy is dressed well on one man: my boyfriend, MJ. While I've talked about him before, it's never been based on his looks, but let me tell you, my boy knows how to dress. And luckily for me, I don't have to tell him what to wear or buy him certain clothes hoping he'll catch on. I'm a lucky girl and since I was going to be with him on Friday anyway, I thought there was no better time then to feature the best-dressed guy in the city.

Granted this outfit was worn for his Master's graduation night, trust me, MJ is never one to dress less than this on an average basis. It helps that he has an office job and a reason to dress nice everyday, but even when we're just going out for fast food, MJ always keeps his outfit top-notch. He says that while some musical artists, such as Usher, inspire some of his looks most of his inspiration comes from his personality. MJ likes to think and look high fashion but spend much less, which also shows he's thinking ahead career-wise while keeping within his just graduated budget.

MJ looking very GQ-worthy after graduation.
MJ also encourages other guys to push the limit with their fashion choices. Instead of just buying what they have always been told looks good or what they "should be" wearing, MJ says to mix it up by showing off bits of personality through what you wear, don't just play it safe. MJ's personality shows in this outfit by the obvious black on black business attire, paired with the pop of color in his tie and of course put over the edge with the white belt and Hot Topic suspenders. Personally knowing MJ, I know that he has recently fell in love with the dressed up suspender look and has them in hot pink and neon green as well and just goes to show that something quirky can still look great. So men, get out there, find something that fits your personality, something that makes you happy and pair it with classic pieces so that you're still within your company's dress code and make a statement. As GQ has pointed out, fashion is not just a woman's game anymore, so make your move, find what gives you the MJ edge on fashion and maybe you'll find an awesome girlfriend too!

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