Pittsburgh Gift Guide: For Her

Well you last minute shoppers, I have your solution. If you are right here in Pittsburgh, there are plenty of shops and stores you can easily pop in to and grab some last minute items, or that you can order from them online. So in the spirit of encouraging you to buy local, today I am featuring gift guides that you are welcome to use for your girlfriend, sister or mom and tomorrow I will feature gift guides for your boyfriend, brother or dad. And all of these items are found at shops located right here in Pittsburgh. I tried to stay away from the big name stores that are in town too so you can get a perfect and unique gift for the last people you need to check off your lists. And those of you who think you'll be able to figure out what you're getting from me by looking at these lists, think again! This year I did an ALL handmade Christmas, so nothing here is something you will unwrap. Good try though! And for these Pittsburgh gift guides, as it should be always...ladies first...

For your girlfriend...

#1 Chandelier Earrings from Jupe Boutique | #2 Tickets for two for an upcoming show at the Benedum  
#3 Leather Jacket from Figleaf | #4 Lips Mug from Andy Warhol Museum 
#5 Emerald Green, One Shoulder Dress from ModCloth   
 #6 LOVE Typewriter Necklace from Boutique 208 by juNxtaposition

For your sister...

 #1 Marilyn Monroe from Andy Warhol Museum | #2 Pittsburgh Painting Poster by Johno's Art Studio
#3 Peacock iPhone Cover from ModCloth | #4 Pittsburgh Neighborhood T-Shirt from Neighborhood Teaze
#5 Ugg Slippers from Littles Shoes

For your mama...

 #1 Laser Cutout Handbag from Serendipity | #2 Woodcut Painting from Tugboat Printshop
#3 Unique Necklace from Boutique la Passerelle | #4 Candle from Pittsburgh Candle Company
#5 Spa Giftcard from any Pittsburgh-based Spa

Happy Shopping! Hopefully this little guide - and tomorrow's guide for the men on your list - will help you pick the perfect gifts from some of the great shops we have right here in Pittsburgh!


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    1. Thank you & no problem! I love your products and was so excited to see them in Boutique 208!


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