Fashion Foward Fridays: Meet Carly!

A little while back, GQ named Pittsburgh as the third worst-dressed city. Talk about a blow to the ego for the City of Champions! But in an effort to show that we here in steel city know a thing or too about the catwalk - I am starting a new section to my blog called "Fashion Forward Fridays." Every Friday I will head out on the town in hopes of finding someone who could never show up on a worst-dressed list.

Carly at PPG Place
Today, although it looks like a gorgeous sunny day...it's freezing outside and windy. So just when I thought GQ might be right, I met Carly. Although she said she usually has brighter colors or has a dress on, the Pittsburgh wind brought out her winter gear again. What made me go to her was the confidence she had, while wearing maroon pants - usually color scares people, especially when it's something so obvious like pants.

Look closely to see a beautiful compass necklace!
Carly, who is a junior this year at Point Park University, said that she is just recently finding her style, which she described as relaxed and comfortable, yet still stylish. Which is obvious in the way she was dressed today. After considering today's weather, the average person seemed to throw on a pair of jeans and a hoodie, but Carly mixed it up with interesting pieces and a beautiful scarf. While she said she likes to shop at Forever 21 and H&M, Carly said that most of her clothes come from an online store that she is currently working with, called CoCo Mae.

After she told me about the store, which is now being run exclusively through its Facebook page, I had to check it out! Their page boasts that every piece featured on the site comes straight from emerging designers from around the world. Pretty cool if you ask me. Anyway, Carly's fashion advice to anyone else is to not be afraid of color, especially with spring coming up, she says not to be afraid of using pops of pinks or blues to brighten up your wardrobe. Below are some of my favorite pieces she had on. Happy Friday everyone!
These earrings say I <3 PGH...how perfect!!
Love her nail polish color as well!

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