Chels Wears: Super Casual

Shirt: Victoria's Secret | Pants & Sweatshirt: WalMart | Glasses: Rue21 | Shoes: Kandals | Bag: Target

Alright, this outfit is nothing special. I know that. But while I do "dress up" a lot, I wanted to show that I really do have "off" days too. I know that blogging, especially fashion blogging, can often times give a false sense of who someone is. And because I've been crazy busy lately, I don't always have time or, honestly, care enough to dress up during the day when I know I'm just going to bartend at night. (Which inevitably leads to a keg kicking and me getting splashed with beer.) So, here's a very average, as of recently, look for me. I'm sure I'll be back to my fancy pants soon, but for today, this super soft sweatshirt is really all I want. In other news...check out that serious bun head.


  1. For being a comfy outfit, I still think you look chic.. you can rock anything girl ;)

  2. That sweatshirt does look like the comfiest thing ever. And still looking pretty casual chic, too. I love that high bun. I wish I could pull something like that off, but my hair would never hold.

  3. I adore dressing casual it's always so comfy! You look supercute!

  4. Thanks, Kate! All those years of dance, my hair is used to the bobby pins and usually does whatever I need it to, thankful for that!


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