Fashion Forward Fridays: Wearing Colored Tights

I cannot even talk about how much I love wearing tights in the winter. I don't understand why, but tights with socks and boots is just my favorite trend. And I say winter, because it has arrived in Erie. I just realized yesterday that I guess I didn't really let the general public know that I moved. After posting about the snow yesterday on Instagram and Twitter, a lot of people asked where I was that there was so much snow. So, hey everyone, I live in Erie, in case you missed that memo, I move here in January. And we have plenty of snow already.

Moving on, I love wearing tights in the winter and I currently am obsessing over colored tights. So for Fashion Forward Fridays today, I put together three looks together on Polyvore inspired by colored tights that can be worn for winter.

The casual look is my favorite and is basically what I wore to work at Family Video on Wednesday night. I love the dressy look as well because it seems so sweet and romantic with pink tights, but the work outfit would be the hardest to pull off. I think that if you hair was up and you looked polished enough, it could happen and it'd be work appropriate.

Which look is your favorite? How do you style colored tights?


  1. I really love the casual look! Definitely something I would wear, for sure!

  2. Yes colorful tights are always waaaaay too much fun! Love all these outfit pairings, so perfect :)

  3. I love tights on other people but I hate wearing them myself. lol. I really need to get over it because tights are so cute! Maybe if I tried a pair of colored tights I'd like them better...:)


  4. i need to dig out my colored tights asap

  5. Yes! Just dive right in! Except avoid yellows if you're not too sure about tights because very few people can pull them off without looking like big bird, and I don't want that to throw you off of them!


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