Thanksgiving Traditions with the Olivers

If you were here yesterday, then you know that I'm following along with Kristen's blog, the MRS and the MOMMA, and her November Blogathon posts this month. Since I'll be posting a Chels Wears post tomorrow, I decided to jump ahead and use tomorrow's prompt for today instead. Today's prompt was to write about your favorite fall recipe and I don't really have one, so I'm skipping it. However, Wednesdays prompt is to write about your fall holiday traditions.
Thanksgiving 2013 with my brother, Eric, at our uncle's house.
For as long as I can remember, we have always had Thanksgiving dinner with my dad's siblings, which I really look forward to every year. My uncle is a great cook and gets everything together for dinner and since building his beautiful log cabin home, has hosted Thanksgiving. We always joke around that I will inherit the log cabin so I always like to think of how I would decorate or host these dinners many, many, many years from now.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because of the fall season, football and the food, but I really like getting to spend the time with my family, laughing and playing board games after dinner. Eric and I will be heading back home this year for Thanksgiving and since this is the first year in a long time that I do not have to work on Black Friday, we will be heading out to support some local Pittsburgh record stores for their Black Friday Record Store Day sales. And on Saturday this year I'll be selling my greeting cards at a local "I Made It! Market" in Shadyside. So this year, I'm especially excited for old and new traditions to happen!

What do you do for Thanksgiving?


  1. I've never heard of the "I Made It Market"!! I may have to check that out this year! I LOVE craft shows, but have never been brave enough to enter one with my art. lol

  2. I'd love to meet you there, Julie. I'll be posting more about it soon!

  3. This is so great! I am kind of jealous! Thanksgiving is one of those holiday's that my parents always skipped (they have married into families that celebrate out of town). Thank goodness I got a boyfriend who has TWO thanksgivings. It's nice making new traditions.

  4. And thanks on the RSD reminder. I have never been able to partake in events like that!

  5. It sounds like you have some great plans lined up for Thanksgiving! We will be celebrating in Paris this year. So much to be grateful for. Good luck at "I Made It" with your cards. :-)

  6. Glad you have your boyfriend to mooch Thanksgiving off of haha

  7. I love Thanksgiving too! How cool that your uncle lives in a log cabin! For Thanksgiving, I go over to my dad's house and eat all kinds of delicious food with my family and we chat about memories and just have a great time!

  8. Thanksgiving is my husband's very favorite holiday. We always celebrate with my family. It is a small group, but we always have fun. It sounds like you will have a really exciting Thanksgiving this year!


  9. That would be really awesome! I will have to see if I have any other plans that day and if I can get a babysitter for the little one.


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