The Best Thing About Ellwood City

You can just smell the fried food, hay and excitement!
The main food area - somehow I cut off the best booth ever in this picture, our church's apple dumpling booth.
A fan favorite - Rag Trader "Vintage Reborn"
Not to worry - we're still in Steelers Country, A LOT of vendors bring their black and gold best.
The information booth for visitors - I think it's the most festive and always loved it.
I've mentioned a couple times that I am currently in a different (smaller) city - while on the job hunt, I'm living back at home in Ellwood City, not too fair from Pittsburgh, distance-wise, but far from the luxuries of a downtown living lifestyle. However, there is one thing that is amazing about Ellwood City and that, is the Fourth of July Arts, Crafts, & Food Festival.

My mom and I are pretty much obsessed about the Festival, as is just about everyone else in the Ellwood area. The year I was born, my mom said that I better not interrupt her time at the Festival, which, I didn't, because I was born on the Monday after. The Festival features great (but horrible for you) food from local churches, clubs and other community groups, a judged art show, children's arts and crafts area and craft vendors from all over the US. I know this for a fact because I always pick up every business card. And I remember one Festival while hanging out at a friend's mother's booth, we were talking to a girl sitting in the booth next to us and she told us about her family who traveled to different fairs all summer, every summer; she was from Texas. 

This past weekend, Friday through Sunday, was the 2013 Festival and did not disappoint. Although it seemed like a lot of people were scared away by the rain and a couple favorite vendors were missing, still the same great weekend with fireworks to end the weekend. I bought the most stuff I have ever got from the Festival this year too, mostly jewelry, guess I'm a grown up? How was your weekend?


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