Seviche: Raw With A Twist

Who doesn't enjoy a great sandwich board?
Basil Salmon Seviche Tapas
Back: Cuban Sushi Roll | Front: Some cheese ball things that AJ got.
Thankfully AJ took this picture right before I scarfed down my Cuban Sushi Roll and then
remembered that I'm a blogger and should take pictures of things.
Awesome and huge wall art at Seviche.
I remember when Seviche was first opening because at the time I was interning for Nakturnal and they were handling their viral marketing materials. I also remember writing reviews of some of their food during the time to start to get the word out about Seviche, but it wasn't until recently that I actually went to the restaurant to enjoy the atmosphere, along with the food.

With my friends, AJ and Isaac with me, we headed to Seviche for happy hour. As shown above, I had a Cuban Sushi Roll (sticky rice and nori roll filled with salmon, calabaza, jicama and avocado corm salsa, topped with spicy sushi tuna, crispy taro root frizzle, Sriracha mayo and citrus ponzu) and Basil Salmon Seviche Tapas and of course, a couple glasses of Cabernet. Each bite was fantastic. Like I cannot even explain to you how amazing everything was. We also shared a Tres Leches Cake (white cake soaked in a trio of sweetened milk and topped with fresh strawberries) that if I think about for about five seconds or longer, I can still taste. I wish I didn't have to share that sucker. 

If you are in the area, you should certainly book a table at Seviche for your next meal and I am certain you will not be disappointed. Especially if you have the fabulous waiter we had, Tony. He was super personable and knowledgeable about everything we asked, which was more than normal customers probably do. Seviche is considered a Nuevo Latin Bistro, is a dressy casual kind of place and is located at 930 Penn Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh. It is a part of The Big Y Group which hosts Sonoma, NOLA, Perle and Talara, as well as Seviche. All of which, I'm behind on checking out. Guess I know what I'll have planned for the rest of the summer!


  1. I should have taken a video of you eating it, since you didn't know how at first. Of course I was on glass of wine #3 by then. Heh heh.

    1. Truth. That would have made me YouTube famous for the day! haha

  2. ha ha, I always forget to take pictures whenever we go out to eat too!

  3. Sounds and looks delicious. It would definitely be a place I'd have to check out. Actually any decent establishment that serves food and drinks would be a place I would have to check out... -Jess L

  4. Awesome! I was just looking up stuff on Seviche and came across this. My girlfriend and I visited Pittsburgh from Ohio the week before you posted this, and stopped there all four nights we were in town. We just loved it. We had Tony too--he gave us the lowdown on all the cool spots in Pittsburgh. Glad you enjoyed!


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