25 before 25

I've seen this on a few other blogs and I like the idea of making goals for the next year of life. Tomorrow I turn 24 so here's a list of what I want to do before I turn 25. We'll see how it goes!

25 before 25

1. Run in something. (I don't care if it's a 5K or a marathon, I'm doing something)
2. Start a career - for real. 
3. Save moo-luh! (Seriously)
4. Live totally solo! (As in no parents, no roommates)
5. Convince MJ to put a ring on it. (If he had his way, we'd be engaged now, so this shouldn't be too hard.)
6. Find & perform at a slam poetry event.
7. Love more deeply.
8. See the Pens play at Consol. (I haven't been to a Pens game since they built  Consol! What kind of Pittsburgher am I!?)
9. Drop some lbs.
10. Grow Chels & the City (In whatever way that goes best.)
11. Attend a zumba class. (Everyone says this is such a great workout that I have yet to try.)
12. Buy more (semi-sensible) heels. (Most of my heels are just fashionable, not work-appropriate.)
13. Learn to make awesome drinks & drink them with friends. (I have bartended a bit in the last two years and I really like it, but want to learn more and why not share with friends?)
14. Use my sewing machine to make something for me. (Since I got my sewing machine, it's been a lot of repairing other peoples clothing, I want to make something for me.)
15. Teach something to someone. (Whatever that means, I felt the need to put it down.)
16. Record some songs with my brother, Eric.
17. Get more ink! (I'm craving another tattoo like a crazy person.)
18. Network! (This is oddly hard for me. So I have to work on it to be a fabulous, young professional.)
19. Mail birthday cards to friends/family. (I did pretty good with this, this year but I'd like to send more.)
20. Speaking of cards, start the greeting card line. (I love greeting cards, but usually spend too much time in the card aisle because nothing is just right, so I want to start making all my own. Might as well sell them too!)
21. Read more. (I was good about this too, but can always improve.)
22. Throw an awesome party! (Why not?)
23. Travel! (Again, why not?)
24. Buy a decent camera. (Because really, I neeeeed one.)
25. Sponsor a blog. (This will go with #10.)


  1. These are some great goals. I have never made one of these lists, but from reading everyone else's I'm always inspired to write one of my own. But I don't know what I'd write since most of these are written by women under 30. LOL! These are all doable by the way! You have your whole life ahead of you! -Jess L

    1. Haha very true, it seems like a "before 30" blogger thing but thank you!


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