Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Three AFWNY Designers!

Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoyed a great 4th of July! Today, Fashion Forward Fridays is a bit different than usual, I'm featuring three designers who are currently in the process of preparing for African Fashion Week: New York. So while I prefer to use this space as a way to showcase Pittsburgh fashion, I just cannot pass up the opportunity to give you a sneak peek at three great designers who are about to hit a huge stage.

First, a little about AFWNY. This is a six-day event, starting on Monday, July 15th and ending with three days of runway shows on the 18th, 19th, and 20th. (The designers I am featuring today will all host their shows on the 20th.) AFWNY's mission is to raise awareness and market diverse fashion professionals and their skills by trying to "break through the New York fashion noise" to allow these diverse and upcoming designers to showcase their personal voice and fashion creations. Which I think is a worthy cause in it's own right, but now to the really good stuff...a little look at three of these diverse and upcoming designers.

Various looks from Sydney-Davies. Photos provided.
A high-fashion women and menswear label based out of London that was launched in 2012 by Euphemia Sydney Davies. This designer is said to "overflow with confidence" no matter what the situation and this label is for a man or woman who wants to express their individual sense of style with resilience and as a refusal to conform. Which I think just describes my boyfriend, MJ, in one compact sentence. Euphemia gained her fashion inspiration from the darkness of the war in Sierra Leone, which her and her family successfully escaped from and which has given her a new sense of happiness and eternal gratefulness for this second chance at life. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection will be presented at AFWNY.

Various Summer looks from Admas Mahdere. Photos provided.
This fashion house incorporates African aesthetics into all of their pieces, they proudly source all of their fabric from East Africa. The fabrics that are used are unique to Eritrea and Ethiopia and are all handmade by weavers known as "Shemane." Admas differs from most fashion designers because she starts the design process after picking the fabric and uses it as inspiration to create cutting edge and modern designs. She also teams up with non-profit organizations that support the sustainability of these weavers through co-ops and access to the supplies, equipment, and facilities that they need. All of which goes perfectly with this year's theme of "The Pattern of Sustainable Luxury" at AFWNY.

Three looks from Catherine Addai. Photo provided.
The designer and Creative Director of Kaela Kay, Catherine started the label in January 2012 in Toronto. While she lives on creativity, she stays true to her roots by making each garment a piece she would actually wear herself. Which leads me to believe, we might have similar closets. She is a wife and mother and ensures that her personal style in always represented in her pieces. Meaning that she embodies the true representation of what the "Kaela Kay Woman" would wear. Kaela Kay is a luxurious line and is remembered by the unique fabrics and colors each piece uses.

Check out the Designer Registration to learn more 
about these designers and see who else will present their collections at AFWNY 2013. 
And have a great weekend!

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