Fashion Forward Fridays: eShakti Custom Dress Review

Dress: eShakti | Shoes: Brash | Jewelry: Charlotte Russe | Purse: Vintage

A while back, I was contacted by eShakti to do a review. Since I heard of them through other bloggers, I jumped at the opportunity. A custom, designer dress made just for me? Uh, yes please! After going through a ridiculous process of narrowing down my favorite dresses and then asking my friend's opinions, I found the one that I wanted. Unfortunately, when I went to order it, they were sold out.

So I picked the dress that seemed the most like that one, which was a fitted bodice light chambray dress. Obviously the dress I have on in the pictures above have similar features, but it's not quite the same and while I do like this dress, something about it just doesn't make it "me." I chose the length of the skirt, sleeve, and added the keyhole back and the pockets, to make this dress the most customized one I could order - but I think the length of the skirt is what bothers me. I'm always nervous about ordering dresses online because I think they'll be too short. Knowing that, I ordered this as "below the knee" so that my big booty would have enough room, but this skirt gives it A LOT of room, and makes it a little too long for my style. Also, something about the length of the torso just isn't right. It might be my fault for guessing my height wrong but something about the shortened torso of this dress just isn't the most flattering for me. "Next time" I will do better looking at alllll the details before ordering and making sure all my measurements are exact.

Although I love all the customization options and love a lot of the pieces eShakti has to offer, since receiving my dress, it's been hard to get back in contact with the woman who started this correspondence, so if you order something, keep that in mind. However, I love the company overall. They are making clothes for women of all sizes and making them fit the size and personality of each customer by the changes you can make to their clothes. I suggest you check them out! For custom clothing, they are very reasonably priced.

P.S. I made my brother take these photos of me, he did a good job taking a bunch and letting me pick out which ones to use, he was a good sport. Oh. And these were taken at a new "urban park" in "downtown" Ellwood City. Our little hometown is getting so pretty....but that's about all it's doing.

Never ordered from eShakti before? Go here to receive a $25 coupon.
This is a sponsored post, I received this dress for free, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Love the color and cut of this dress on you! I think the length of the dress looks great esp. with heels. Maybe not with flats but you're definitely working that looks with heels. I got a dress from eshakti too (in March) but I've been so bad about actually taking the time to get someone to take pictures for me lol.

    1. Haha - I think that's when I got this dress too! And you're right, it's certainly good with heels but too long to be paired with flats.

  2. Chels,
    I like this dress on you. I think the length is just perfect. You might be right about the torso but you look good regardless. Just not sure which is prettier, you or the waterfalls. Just kidding, it's definitely you. Eric did a great job with pictures, too. :)

  3. Cute dress on you! I love their dresses!!


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