Pittsburgh Weekend Staycation: July 19-21

Everyone knows that summer means a time to relax and possibly take a vacation, but if you're like anyone else these days, you're also looking for a way to save money. So a lucrative vacation might not be your scene right now, but here's a way to still have a great time "away from home" while staying right here in Pittsburgh.

I've made a little roundup of fun activities for anyone in the area who wants a mini-vacation but still wants to get away. To get the full effect, I suggest you splurge on a two-night stay at any of the great hotels around the 'burgh and take on the activities in this list, especially tailored for this weekend. Get packing, the fun starts after you get off work tomorrow!

Skybar: though I have yet to be there, I cannot wait to go at some point this summer! Photo credit.
Friday Evening: 
Check into your hotel and head out the door for dinner and a little fun at the Rivers Casino. With five wonderful, trust me I've tried them, restaurants to choose from and plenty of slots and table games for you to play, you're sure to start your evening off right and instantly feel like you're on vacation. But don't stay too long because you want to be able to head down to the Southside to check out Skybar, Pittsburgh's only rooftop pool and lounge. Seriously, how big city of us to have a rooftop pool bar.

Saturday Morning/Afternoon: 
Where else would you want to spend a Saturday in the summer besides Kennywood
Ride the Phantom's Revenge, take the Pittsburg* Plunge, and for all things great and beautiful, eat some Potato Patch Fries!
*Pittsburgh was spelled without the 'h' circa 1890 - 1911 so the Plunge still takes that spelling.

Cinema in the Park: various parks around Pittsburgh, but the one mentioned is happening this weekend. Photo credit
Saturday Evening: 
Get a prime view of the city while snuggled up to your friends on a blanket while watching 

Sunday Morning: 
Wake up early and head to Schenley Park for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
The parade and opening ceremony starts at 11am and at noon watch those cars fly! 

The newest addition to the Gateway Clipper Fleet, the Queen! Photo credit.
Sunday Afternoon: 
What better way to end your time in the city than by touring through it on the Gateway Clipper
See all the sites from the upper deck of one of their one-hour sightseeing cruises and reminisce about your greatly packed, Pittsburgh weekend!

Whatever you do this weekend make it fun and think about keeping it in Pittsburgh!


  1. What a great little post on a staycation! I want to do one of those here in Portland soon. And the Queen boat looks a lot like the ferry boat we have here in the town I just moved to. It's exciting that our cities are so much alike! :) <3


    1. Yay, Toni! Love that you guys are in such a fun new spot! We'll have to swap adventure stories since Pittsburgh and Portland are often compared to each other!

  2. Thanks for sharing. That sky bar looks like fun, though I hope it's not too crowded! I also would love to try the patio patch fries and visit all the parks! Jess L

    1. You should make a road-trip! (you know, with all that free time you have. ha!) But Ohio isn't far away at all!


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