Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet AJ!

Hi friends! Coming off of Fashion Week I have to say that I have a new energy for Fashion Forward Fridays, you are to thank for that. I'm glad you guys enjoy this "segment" of my blog so much and I'm going to try harder at finding fashionista/o's - I mean, it's spring now so this will become easier to do again!

Today I thought we could use a dose of testosterone up in hurr. It's been a while since I featured a fashionisto - so here's a cute one for you. His name is AJ, he's a senior at Point Park and we have matching backpacks, so clearly, he's legit.

Our backpacks, compliments of H&M. Can you guess who has which color drawstring?

AJ, who likes to shop at American Eagle, H&M, J.Crew and the Gap, said that he would consider his style casual, preppy-trendy. Actually, after he listed all his shopping destinations to me, he said, "Oh, geez, I sound like a total prep," and followed that up with, "but that's what I am!" And flashed his killer smile. (So cute.)

He said he likes to keep up with what is on trend at the moment...budget permitting. He said that GQ is his place to go for inspiration and likes to dress like the models, if his student limits allow him. And for men, or women, looking to amp up their style, AJ said to turn to the magazines, like he does, for some ideas. "GQ for guys and Marie Claire for women are great resources to see what the "experts" say you should be wearing," he said. But AJ also insists that no matter what is in style this season, you have to wear the clothes, not let them wear you, and that no matter what you're wearing, you have to be comfortable and that way you'll be confident in whatever you have on that day.

As for AJ's favorite magazine, GQ, calling Pittsburgh the third-worst-dressed city in America, he said that he does not agree with them. He said, "I cannot speak for Pittsburgh as a whole, but here in downtown, with all the business people and large student population, this is an area that has a lot of fashion sense." He also said that he thinks that fashion sense definitely stretches to Lawrenceville and Shadyside and some other places around the city where he's been. But quickly added, "if GQ came here on a game day, then shit no, nothing but black and gold."

Hard to pretend you're not "preppy" while wearing Sperry's.

Don't you love a guy who is cute and funny!? (I'm trying to help a brother get a date here if you couldn't tell lol) Anyway, hope all of you have a great weekend! Enjoy the sunshine today, Pittsburgh and keep it fashionable!


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