Chels Wears: Summer Favorites In Winter

Boots, Jeans, Shirt, Hat: Walmart | Sweater: Deb | Ring: UrbanOG | Scarf: gift

Don't try this out of home...I've been working from home a lot recently, which means that I tend to not worry about the weather and dress how I feel like it. Which explains why yesterday I thought this outfit would be a great idea. All of these pieces are very thin and wouldn't be considered winter attire, but I really liked the combo together so I ventured out in the snow to take these pictures. This would be the perfect outfit for early fall, but middle of winter? No sir! And since my brother is my photographer and he (although properly dressed for winter) did not want to be standing outside, we had to be quick about these. Certainly not the coldest we've done outfit photos in, but this is the least amount of layers I've worn before. Things you do to get back into the blog groove.


  1. haha I am very guilty of the same thing. Just the other day I was wearing a regular black tank top while cleaning my kitchen and when my husband came home from work (he works outside for a good part of the day) he looked at me like I was crazy. lol! Oops!

  2. Great outfits, like the cardigan!

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  3. The things we do for our blogs right? I work from home too but I still have to wear a few layers as we don't turn the heat up very high. Even so, I don't like to venture outside if I don't have to! I tend to put my brighter items on hold during the winter months but I love that you are still rocking yours! I love your top so much!

  4. Bah! Lauren! I love color, I cannot put it on hold for months! haha


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