5 Reasons Why Your Friend in a LDR is the Perfect Wing-Woman

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now but just recently came up with all the reasons this is true. Every time I'm out with my girls, I feel like I can do no wrong by them and I'm sure other girls in "long distance relationships" will agree with me. So here are five reasons not to leave out your LDR friend, because trust me, she is far different from any of your other friends who are in relationships and certainly will play wing-woman much better than your fellow single friends.

50% of the girls in this picture were in a LDR when this photo was taken. Appropriate.
She has free time
This one is obvious. But relationships usually take a lot of face time, that people in long distance relationships are not giving/getting. Not a bad thing, just means that your friend is more accessible to you than others might be. She's able to go out without first seeing if her boyfriend had plans or wanted to do something that night.

You are her priority
This friend is set. She is not (if she's a loyal girlfriend) looking to go out and hook up with someone. She can focus on the guys you are checking out and work that wing-woman magic. She's not there to see how many phone numbers she can get, because there is already one in her phone that is most important to her. You're never competing against this friend for a man's attention while you're out.

She can handle the wing-man
Because she is not there looking for a guy, when you decide on one and his wing-man is there as well, she can divert his attention away from the two of you. (Obviously the point of the "wing-person" anyway.) Although, some guy friends don't realize they are the wing-man, which she can handle as well.

She won't let you be unsafe
Girl knows what's up. She will be there to help make good decisions. She's in a stable relationship, she wants to see you get to that point at some time too. She's going to keep your standards high and not going to let you go home with just anyone, if anyone at all. She's going to keep you safe like your mom would, if your mom were a cool 20-something that liked to go out in the wee hours. This is a good thing. We all need a gentle, mom-like, reminder when we're about to head off into uncharted territory. However, if the guy you've decided on that night happens to be the same guy you've been crushing on for the last three years and she knows he's felt the same about you, she'll live vicariously through you and make future plans happen.

She's happy if you're happy
A night out with a friend, whether it ends in heading home alone or with you to gossip about everyone you met that night, she's happy to have been with you. Life in a long distance relationship is not always easy and you getting her out of the house always helps. Although she'd (secretly) rather have you crash at her place for the night instead of a guy's, if you're happy, she's happy. And she'll make you dish about it all morning over brunch.

Where are my fellow LDR ladies?
Anything you have to add to this list?


  1. lol, this is seriously spot on. I'm in a LDR right now, and my single friends always want me to go out with them! Of course I don't mind since I have all the time in the world, haha ;)

    www.rachellately.com | Austin Life + Style Blog

  2. hahaha so true! I had a few friends in college with me that were in LDR and they were seriously the best! haha! You are so right, they didn't need t check with their significant other before making the plans and you didn't need to watch out for them being a little too drunk a flirty because they were happy in relationships. lol! Great post

  3. Thanks, Julie! Glad you had some great ladies to go out with!

  4. This is so true!!
    I loved being the wing-woman when I was in a LDR. It's so fun to go out with not a care in the world other than just helping out your friends.


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