I'm Finally Writing a Review of Red Beard's

Hey there. About a month ago I mentioned how some friends and I checked out a new restaurant downtown and that I would write a review of it soon. Well, this isn't what I'd consider "soon" but here it is. Red Beard's is now downtown. It is wonderful and you should check it out.

Red Beard's Logo
Red Beard's has another location in Mt. Washington and now that they are located in downtown, around the block from my apartment, I am in love with them. When I went there for the first time, everything was so very new and I was overly excited just because it was a different choice to the downtown options. It was the second day that this location was open, so it still smelled new and the staff was still learning the menu and specials and getting into their flow, so I didn't want to blog about them right away. So I have gone back a couple times now and it is clearly one of my favorite spots for easy dining and late drinks with friends.

The atmosphere downstairs, of course, is very mid-priced bar and upstairs has the more restaurant feel. While the menu is pretty much the typical cuisine you'd expect for a what would be served at a bar, it also has a vibe that is more chic or "clean" in my opinion. Bar food isn't what I normally go for but Red Beard's is able to give you the simplicity of typical bar food with the added ingredients of a local bistro. Since that first visit, the staff seems like a now well-oiled machine, but a machine that is still personable and friendly and welcomes you at the door. Red Beard's in this new location is a great place to be able to get a quick, yet delicious, meal before seeing a show in the Cultural District and the perfect place to celebrate a Pirates or Penguins win after the game. Or if your in the area for any of those things, or just roaming downtown (or Mt. Washington) during the day, stop in and experience it for yourself - I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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