Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Jeana & John!

Hello fashion fans! Today you are in for a treat because I have TWO people to feature for Fashion Forward Fridays. I had a free afternoon yesterday so I made my way up to the lookout area of Mt. Washington to take a few pictures of the city. But while I was there, I saw Jeana and John and could not pass them up for Fashion Forward Fridays.

John & Jeana - great shoes & tans.

They were just too adorable together and were in bright colors that it really made me want to feature them and have both of them be in this post. It's not all the time that you see an equally fashionable couple. And although Jeana was actually just coming to the area to visit John, a Moon Township native, they're clearly both fashionable and allowed to be featured.

Jeana said she likes to shop at places like Urban Outfitters and John prefers American Eagle and Macy's. She described her sense of style as a mix of modern and vintage pieces but always with the intention of being chic, while he, naturally, laughed and said he likes to keep it casual and just "go with the flow." Jeana's advice for people looking to amp up their style is to be aware of the weather and to never stick to one thing, don't be afraid to mix it up. While John said that adding extra pieces and accessories (like his Ray-Bans) can make an outfit.

Great outfits & a great view!
Left: Close-up details of Jeana's outfit & purse. | Right: John showing of his favorite accessory, his Ray-Bans.

As for GQ calling Pittsburgh the third-worst-dressed city in the nation, neither of these two agreed with that statement. Jeana thought that what she saw of the area so far during her visit was just fine and reasonably fashionable, and John said that he never notices anything too outrageous or wrong, so Pittsburgh must be doing fine. So what do you think of the first couple to be together for Fashion Forward Fridays? Not too bad, huh? Wishing you all a great weekend and Jeana, enjoy your visit!


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