Congratulations, Runners of Steel!

Runners of Steel crossing the Andy Warhol Bridge

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the Pittsburgh Marathon on Sunday! I am proud to know so, so many of you! I am extra proud of Jennifer and Kaitlin who each ran their first ever half marathon. And to my friends who maintained an 8 minute pace in the half and the full. To the ones who did better than they did last year, who trained for the full but "only" finished the half, and who somehow maintained a stylish look while running all over the city. You all amaze and inspire me! Especially because none of you backed down after what happened in Boston, you trained harder and ran faster.

I'm also proud of the city of Pittsburgh, although it was so much harder to watch the runners this year because of extra security, it was worth it. The way the city changed it's normal plans to keep all of us who were downtown today safe and sound, was a great sight to see by itself. Thank you to everyone who took the extra precautions for this race. Although there was one death on Sunday, it was overall a safe and fun day. But my thoughts and prayers do go out to that runner's family and friends, peace be with you as you mourn.

Families being reunited with their runners in Point State Park after the marathon.

In other news, I was called "Miss Pittsburgh" by a random reader while I was at Point State Park. Good feeling. 
I love this city and I love all of you runners of steel -especially now, you are all incredible.


  1. I am in awes of anyone that can run more than 2 miles without passing out! Congrats to all!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  2. I must say that I thought I turned in my running shoes, but every time I see something like this, in another city, it makes me want to start training all over again for a long distance race. This is certainly inspiring like you said. Doesn't it make you want to run too???-Jessica L

    1. It does. Though I haven't ever considered myself "a runner" and after tearing my ACL, I'm a bit scared every time I go to run at the gym, track, or otherwise, one of my friends who ran this marathon asked when I was going to join him in it, and I said maybe next year...so we'll see. I might have just been overly excited because of all the day-of inspiration lol


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