highlight reel.

I saw this quote on another blog about a year ago and kept it and then edited it 
into this photo recently since I've been seeing a lot of negativity online this month. 
I understand that feeling, especially as a blogger. And ESPECIALLY as a recent graduate.
It is so easy to compare ourselves with everyone else, when in reality everyone is having rough days. 
Everyone tries to only put their best face out through social media (and in person, too).
Everyone struggles at some point, but don't let your struggle be because you're comparing yourself to someone else. 
You don't know what's going on in that person's life that they are purposefully hiding.
And you don't know who is looking at your highlight reel while you're putting on your best face too.
Alright. Off my soap box now and back to crying while I pack up my apartment.
See? We're not all fabulous, all the time.


  1. This is the best quote I've read in a long while. I love the meaning of it and it is so important to remember. This right here is one of the reasons I quit facebook so long ago. It just all seemed too competitive and like a game. No one will ever post their real feelings online because it makes them vulnerable. Comparing yourself to others only makes your accomplishments less valuable, and that's never a good thing! <3


  2. Chelsea
    I actually go to Steven's church, Elevation, here in Charlotte!


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