Nothing Says Summer Like Frozen Yogurt

Razzy Fresh is located in two places in Oakland and in Squirrel Hill.
The Razzy Fresh three-step process.

Two sizes of frozen yogurt cups.
Some of the yogurt flavors.
Some of the toppings.
My finished product.

Tempting, I know. Nothing says summer like a cup of frozen yogurt, especially from such a bright and beautiful place like Razzy Fresh. In three locations in the city and priced by the ounce. Nothing better on a Monday too, right? You should go out and treat yourself to some, like MJ, Isaac and I did yesterday. Friends and frozen yogurt, come on guys, what better way to spend an afternoon.


  1. Aaaaaaaaand now I'm craving yogurt...

  2. If you didn't know, I'm a little overly obsessed with frozen yogurt, which sounds ridiculous that someone could be so crazy over food....Especially since I've had to cut back on dairy and almost eliminate it from my diet. But I still splurge with froyo once a week.....We don't have a Razzy Fresh here, but we do have Golden Spoon, Fiji (two of my favorites), and Pinkberry. I can get pretty particular about my froyo as you can see... -Jessica L

    1. I understand you pain! I'm not as obsessed with it as you are, but I certainly crave it for weeeeeks after having some (or until I get it again.) It is just so good!


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