Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Ericka!

It has been beautiful in Pittsburgh this week! And beautiful weather means obviously cute outfits. I have been seeing a lot of maxi dresses with jean vests recently and have decided that it's my new favorite thing. So when I saw Ericka, I thought she would be perfect for Fashion Forward Fridays today.

Ericka in her cute look for summer in the city!

Ericka said that she thinks her style is low-key and that she just goes with the flow and whatever is appropriate for the weather and the day she has planned. She likes stores like Forever 21, Rainbow, Macy's, H&M, and Dots. And she suggests that everyone should dress for their body type, that everyone looks best in what actually fits their body. She also said that she disagrees with the third-worst-dressed listing that GQ gave to Pittsburgh because she is from Pittsburgh and sees all kinds of great fashions from different people. So, if you see me, you'll probably soon see me copying a look like this from Ericka and I hope that all of you have a fantastic weekend!

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