Mr. Rogers & Prayers for Boston

Photo from Pittsburgh Magazine. Editing by me.

As a Pittsburgh kid, I grew up watching Mr. Rogers
So when I saw that this quote and various pictures of him were making their way around 
social media world as sources of comfort for the tragic events surrounding the Boston Marathon yesterday
I knew no other words would really be necessary. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who was affected by the thoughtless acts at yesterday's race. 
May our country heal and learn to respect these lives we've been given. 
I am thankful for the people helping, especially the runners that kept on running to donate blood
What heroes. What helpers

I'm upset that this was supposed to be a day of celebration and that 
someone ruined it for the athletes and their supporters.
I know that running in Boston is the mark of a "true runner."
I celebrate in your hard work and dedication, runners.
I wish you peace as you begin to heal, everyone. 
May God, and the love of a nation, be with each of you.


  1. It's so crazy that so much has happened on the east coast lately. It makes me fearful for what's going to happen out here! That Mr. Rogers quote though is perfect. My three year old asked me what was going on because they were showing footage on tv and it's crazy to try to explain it to him. :(

    1. It has been a rough few months for this side of the country. At least your little one won't remember these bad times but I hope you are able to find the right words to say to him, I'm sure these things are hard to explain.

  2. I have never heard this quote but it is amazing. An act of maliciousness by one human being will always be followed by acts of good. Thank you for the inspiring thought!

    Holly Foxen Wells

    1. You're welcome, Holly! Terrorists don't win because they don't think of the helpers. The helpers always win.

  3. Mr. Rogers is always right, isn't he? I wish the media would focus more on those that help than those that did harm.

    1. Correct, Sarah! And I understand why they need to focus on the people who did this now to be able to find them, but hopefully in the days to come they'll find them and then begin to focus on the victims and their healing process.


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