I dream of...{my first link up}

For this post, I am linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Coming Unstitched, and sharing with you guys some of my dreams and aspirations for my future. So I hope you all enjoy a little inside look into the bigger picture of my life goals and be sure to look at the other blogs in this link-up too!

1...learning everything! (Okay, not everything, not even close, but a lot of things.) Education is so important to me and quite frankly, has up to this point defined me. While I am currently in the process of earning my master's degree at Point Park, I would also someday like to earn my PhD. I don't see doing that in the near future, but I do see finishing my master's very soon and knowing that eventually, the PhD will find it's way into the plans.

Glad this cutie is on board for all of these dreams too!
2...marrying my best friend. This person is MJ. And I do not imagine that will ever change, but he is already so much a part of me that I cannot wait to eventually call him husband. Though that seems too adult for us now, he is so much more than just my boyfriend. He's my support, my inspiration, just everything I could ever need or want in a man and more. He has his own list of dreams too and thankfully, they align with mine! I have prayed my whole life for a love like this and I truly believe God has provided it to me through MJ. And he's cute, so that's a plus!

3....building my career. I have so many ideas and lists of things I want to do for a "job." And thankfully, I am glad that I live in this time where women are free to take on all sorts of jobs, just like the guys AND in a time where jumping from place to place or job to job is not frowned upon, but shows growth in a career path. I want experience. I want to do all kinds of things. I want my resume to be as thick as the September issue of Vogue when I'm ready to retire. Jobs I would like to include in this are anything in non-profits, magazine editing, event/wedding planning, my own fashion line, being in PR and advertising, finish writing a novel (or two), working in higher education, becoming a professor, the list goes on...

4....traveling around the world! Whether it means living in different places or just visiting, I just want to see the world. Specifically, I want to be able to spend at least one night in every state, and go to Australia, London, Greece, France and Ireland. Really, I'd visit anywhere. I just want to soak up other cultures, it goes along with the education aspect because I want to be able to learn about people and the places they love.

5....doing something that matters. I believe that we are all on this Earth to do something that glorifies and brings someone to God. I want to be able to do that in some way, some how...I'll let Him take the lead on this one but I pray that I will be able to make this a part of my career path too so that I can be involved in it daily.

6....being a fabulous mommy to beautiful babes. Yep. Simply put.

7....enjoying life. So far I think I've been doing this one pretty well. But in the future I want it to include building a beautiful home with my husband, creating a career I love, helping my babes learn to love life and love God, loving my friends and family with every fiber of my being, not worrying about debt (but not over-spending) and just above all, creating memories and leading a life worthy of living.

8....making it to Heaven. I'm sure this life will be great and so much is ahead of me that I look forward to, but I know it's not promised to me either. I'm excited to soak up every worthy experience but I'm more excited to eventually be able to just stand in awe and personally thank Jesus for his sacrifice. I just cannot even imagine how awesome it will be.

I'm sure I am forgetting something, but I don't have a set "bucket list" because I do not think it's fair to yourself to live off of a  list, hoping the check everything off at some point. We have too many "to do" lists, putting the fate of our lives on a limiting list seems ridiculous to me. I would rather just live, just do, and just enjoy life and its experiences as they come to me and as I create them. That might be why this list of my dreams isn't really too specific either, but that's alright with me. So, what are some of your dreams?


  1. Number 2 is my favorite!!!! Love you!

  2. I loved reading your list. It's so much fun to get to know a blogger and what really drives her. And I love that you want to have a million careers- me too! I'm interested in so many things that it seems silly to commit myself to just one. Thanks for linking up :)

    1. No problem! Thanks for the inspiration to link. I was so happy when I read yours and it had a million careers on it too haha!

  3. On my 'dreams' list is lunches with Chelsea


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