Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Norma!

Alright, over the summer hiatus, I know that my loyal readers missed Fashion Forward Fridays the most, so I found a fashionista today that is sure to not disappoint. I met Norma while crossing the street downtown and probably took her off guard more than I did for anyone else I'm sure. Although living downtown I know it's easy to meet a weirdo wanting to ask you questions, it's probably just as weird having someone want to take your picture and post them online. So thanks to Norma and all my other fashionista's from previous weeks for being so kind and not thinking I'm too weird. I appreciate your love of fashion and willingness to let me post you online!

I am just in love with these pastel pink jeans!
Miss Norma says that she loves to mix pieces from all over. While she listed, ModCloth, Target, Forever 21 and J.Crew as some of her favorite places to shop, she also said that really anywhere along Walnut Street in Shadyside, which if you haven't been to the area, I suggest you give yourself at least a day to see everything. I liked Norma's style because it was simple and still chic. She told me that today she "didn't even try too hard," so I found that interesting because sometimes I think we over-think our wardrobe before getting ready each day and usually it is the simple outfits that make a bigger statement.

However, Norma said that to make your outfits stand out to make that statement is to let your accessories do the talking. She called her personal style, eclectic because she likes to mix all kinds of things together and thinks accessories are what makes her outfits exciting. I couldn't agree more with her, based on what she was wearing today. Although I first saw her pastel jeans, her accessories did bring the whole look together. The beautiful floral scarf she was wearing really made the outfit and boosted the use of a colorful denim.

Close up of Miss Norma and that beautiful scarf!
And like me, Norma didn't agree that Pittsburgh should be ranked third-worst dressed like GQ said we were because she thinks you tell a Pittsburgher wherever they go based on how they usually match most of their clothes and that this area does not have a real specific set style. I agree with that, Pittsburghers do seem to match most of what they wear, the trend of mixing patterns and colors hasn't caught on too much here, but I also think the style of Pittsburgers is always evolving and is based on where in the city the person is located. Each different area of this city has a unique look to it in the clothing options the residents of that area actually wear. Downtown is more business, while Lawrenceville is more hipster and of course the North Shore is covered in black and gold gear.

So, Pittsburghers, be sure to keep mixing it up and looking your best. Take some advice from Norma and mix your old and new pieces through using your accessories wisely and keep making Pittsburgh beautiful! Happy weekend and here we go Steelers, make sure you are keeping up with my overview of the season on Her Game Life!


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    1. ME TOO!!! haha - I love that it's so simple yet she's making such a bold statement.


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