Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Trent!

Well Pittsburgh, we have our third male to grace the space of Fashion Forward Fridays here on Chels & the City. And yes, he is the third person that I met before asking them to be on the blog. The other two being our other two men, MJ and my brother, Eric. So Pittsburgh men, here is your call to action: shape up your style so I can awkwardly stop one of you in the street and ask you to be on my blog.

Trent in his "stuffy" work clothes.
So, on to Trent. Well, he is my boss at the Pittsburgh Public Theater, which I've mentioned before, and even though I briefly went out in search of a fashionista/o I kept thinking that today was the first day back to work at the theater after a summer off and Trent always dresses well, so I waited until I got to work to "find" my fashionisto. Granted, I also considered texting him prior to getting there, to make sure he was at his prime, but I thought that would really be cheating.

Trent says that while his work and play styles differ, his work clothes being "safer" and his play clothes not being so stuffy, the one thing that is always on point, are his socks. Which from my point of view, is the one place where men have the upper hand in the fashion world compared to women and Trent takes full advantage of that. Trent is also a fan of stores like Marshall's, T.J. Maxx, Zappos and Rue La La.

The red shoes and fancy socks.
As for that unfortunate mention in GQ, Trent thinks that Pittsburgh has earned this poor reputation because the bad outfit choices in this city are the ones that stick out the most and are really bad. But that most people do not dress in that way; however, those poorly dressed people are the ones who are making the biggest impression overall. And for those of you looking to amp up your style, but might not know where to start, Trent says to make smart, bold choices. But he also encourages everyone, not just men, to own their style and their fashion choices, noting that nothing looks worse than someone who is obviously uncomfortable in their outfit choice.

So men, let's step up your game so I can stop featuring men I already know. But to be honest, who else has a boss this cool? Above all, let's keep it classy, Pittsburgh - this past week was Pittsburgh Fashion Week and we should be more than inspired by the looks that were presented all week. So let's continue to show GQ that we are not the third-worst-dressed city.


  1. I dig those red shoes. Nice choice, Trent!

  2. I love this look! I always love when men make the Fashion Forward!!! We are fashionable too!

  3. My husband really likes the 'fashion sock' trend for guys - he has ones with crabs, bananas and other random items that he wears often! I'm a fan!
    {Thanks for following, btw!}



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