Big Boned & Smothered in Sauce

My mouth is watering just thinking about the delicious food I consumed on Friday and will devour more of tomorrow. Welcome to the Annual Pittsburgh Rib Festival weekend, everyone! Time to eat up! For the past few years, heading to the festival has been a tradition for a couple of friends and me so when only Liz and I could get together for this year's Ribfest I was not about to miss it. Hell, I'd go be myself if I had to! Luckily I had Liz for Friday and Eric is joining me tomorrow.

Picture circa 2010: I still don't remember which vendor has this wolf.
Alright, did I use enough exclamation points in that last paragraph to tell you how serious I am about you going to Ribfest at some point this weekend? My English degree is weeping. So each year, along the outside of Heinz Field, locals and visitors are welcomed to kickoff the football season with Ribfest. Every year, nationally known and award winning rib vendors flock to Pittsburgh to see who's best and clearly to fatten up Steelers and Panthers fans for the season ahead. During the festival, feasters can also enjoy free concerts, compliments of Coors Light and for the kiddos there are a trampoline and rock climbing exhibit. Visitors are also encouraged to make their way through the first floor of the stadium where they can see memorabilia from the past six Super Bowl wins.

Coming up tonight, if you're willing to brave the hint of rain, the University of Pittsburgh Panthers are opening their season against Buffalo and the Light of the River Spectacular will take place tonight after the game. Tomorrow, while you eat ribs, you can cheer on runners and walkers in the Annual Steelers 5K Race and Walk, followed by a free concert by Thompson Square and Tracy Lawrence. On the final day of the festival, Bret Michaels takes the stage. Trust me, it's worth the trip.

Armadillo's from Atlanta, Georgia was the "southest" vendor this year.
Each year we always try to get ribs from a different vendor. My friend Coryn even has a system of getting a free sample from each booth and then deciding which one she wants to buy from. Apparently being a little sneaky and cute goes a long way. This year, Liz and I went to Armadillo's and I wish I could have eaten more because it was so good. A little trick with them, if you're thinking of heading out, get an extra paper bowl and mix all of the sauces they have together and then put it over the ribs or pulled pork...you'll thank me later. Trust me, this is a trip worth making. With so many vendors to choose from, you cannot go wrong. And if you're not into ribs, don't worry there is plenty of pulled pork, chicken, mac & cheese, cole slaw, potato salad, corn bread...is your mouth watering yet? It should be, southern food is good for the soul (duh), start football season off right and get down here.


On a semi-related note: I start blogging for Her Game Life as a Pittsburgh Steelers girl on Monday. I will be reporting there every Monday during the season and since our boys usually play on Sundays I am hoping that means I will get to record and recap a lot of wins! Time to go for seven, black and gold! Who's with me on that one? (There I go with the exclamation points again.)

I could watch the parade from my apartment window...not that I would do that because I would want to be right in the action, just saying, I COULD do so. Anyway, getting a bit ahead of myself I guess. This picture was taken while I was wearing shorts that are clearly too short and no make-up by my lovely friend Liz on Friday, to get pumped for the upcoming season - which by the way, marks the 80th season for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Seriously, this is the year to get #7.
Here. We. Go.

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