Peace'burgh: End the Violence

I am sure by now, most if not all of you reading this have heard about the hostage situation that went on pretty much all day last Friday in downtown Pittsburgh. If you have not, the basic rundown is that a young man randomly went into Gateway Center, building three, and decided to hold a manager of one of the offices in that building hostage. These men did not know each other, and the police continue to say that this entire event was random and only happened because the suspect woke up early that morning in a bad mood, wanting to do something bad.

It's been the most recent "talk of the town." But as I mentioned in my post about the Mysteries of Pittsburgh, there are people living in this area that hate it here and the violence is one of the reasons that they will list to you as to why they do not want to be here. Although this incident was the most recent and maybe the biggest that Pittsburgh has seen for awhile, it is not the first and it is probably not the last either. But, in defense of Pittsburgh, it's not the only place where this is going on either.

Taken while walking through Point State Park.
It breaks my heart that the city that I love is tainted by acts of violence, hunger and homelessness. I wish so badly that what Pittsburgh is to me, a place of opportunity and growth, could be that kind of place for everyone who is living here or will eventually live here. Pittsburgh itself has grown so much and has so much inspiring and unique history behind it, that it is hard for me to imagine ever hating it or the people who inhabit it. But again, not everyone here feels that way. So for those of us that do, here is your call to action.

Love. That's all. Just love.

I know that seems like a dumb thing to say at times but there is nothing else for us to do right now. And really what do you want to do? Run in like Gang Busters trying to end violence in the city dressed like the Ninja Turtles? Though that does seem interesting and probably more appealing to most people, all we can really do is show the people and the city itself that it is loved and appreciated. Look for the good in the people you come across here. Look for the good even on the dirty streets! Pittsburgh has it and without us taking advantage of its opportunities and realizing all of the great things the city has to offer, we have missed the whole point of even being here to begin with.

This city has great things in store for each of us, we just need to be open to realizing those things and then maybe in return it will be a safer place in the future. A place that is more accepting and more caring of the people it holds. There are greater things to come to this city, we just have to help them along sometimes.

For those of you who are into it, please pray for Pittsburgh. If that's not your thing, at least send out some good vibes and thoughts about how the city needs more love in it to grow and be a better place for all who visit and all who inhabit it. Because if there is one thing that we can all agree on, regardless of our beliefs, it is that love always makes a difference. Also, I am considering making "Peace'burgh" another little series in this blog, hoping that it is just as important to my readers as "Fashion Forward Fridays" has become. To love Pittsburgh is to love it all, so I hope you all feel the same way about this blog.

And since the song is currently stuck in my head and I am one of those praying types, here are some relevant lyrics from Robin Mark's song, Revival...

"Sure as gold is precious and the honey sweet,
so You love this city and you love these streets.
Every child out playing by its own front door,
every baby laying on the bedroom floor.
Every dreamer dreaming in her dead end job,
every driver driving through the rush hour mob.
I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones,
You're gonna send revival, bring 'em all back home.

I can hear that thunder in the distance,
like a train on the edge of the town,
I can feel the brooding of Your Spirit,
saying lay your burdens down.
Lay your burdens down...." 

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