Pamela's: A Pittsburgh Legend

Pamela's in the Strip.
Alright, I will be honest, I use to be a fraud. You read that correctly. For the past few years I have been fraudulently referring people to eat at Pamela's Diner, when in reality, my first ever trip was Monday morning. However, now I feel safe to say that at least I know for sure I have never led anyone in the wrong direction! I have known that Pamela's is a staple in Pittsburgh for breakfast and lunch, simply through word of mouth, but surprisingly I made my first trip to the Pamela's in The Strip with Eric yesterday morning.

While I know Pamela's is known for the pancakes, I, true to form, ordered the veggie omelet with a side of home fries. I don't eat breakfast often, but when I do, I always pick the veggie omelet so of course Pamela's had to pass this test on the first visit to ensure a second. And trust me, they've ensured more than just a second one. Needless to say the food was yummy. But what I loved most about Pamela's was the building itself and the decor.

From the moment I walked in, I noticed every little detail that made me love just sitting in the diner. Maybe it was because I was actually wearing my glasses, but I noticed little things that might be missed otherwise. Each of the pictures on the wall, the late '50's theme, it was like we walked into an Instagram photo...only authentic. Diners are quite possibly my favorite things so I felt right at home here, especially since every song that played while we were at Pamela's reminded me of all the CD's I have at some point borrowed from my parents. (Cue music: Looking Glass, James Taylor and Annie Lennox). What a great vibe.

Now that I've been to Pamela's in the strip district, I feel like I must make it to each one of them at some point, which means at least five more breakfast trips. And the next trip I will order the famous pancakes. But dearest Pamela's owners, one request...please, please, please, open another diner downtown! I promise I could probably keep you in business completely on my own.

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