Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Candi!

Power stance! - Law firm girl for sure.
Well, hello fashion-lovers! Today is the textbook definition of "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." So of course that usually means people are more willing to open up their closets and bring out something fun. Even here in Pittsburgh, where we are allegedly the third worst-dressed city thanks to GQ, everyone today was looking pretty fashion-forward!

It's always easy to find a fashionista when it's gorgeous outside, but today it was deciding on which one to choose. I went to Market Square because I knew that around noon it would be swarming with activity. I was right. There were plenty of people to choose from, it was just finding what kind of outfit I was feeling up to talking about today. And then I saw Candi. Just as I was about to round the corner out of the square, I spotted her, which was easy to do thanks to her use of color!

As I've stated before and the other fashionistas have said as well, color is a must. I know that I fall into fashion slumps and stick to the basics sometimes too, but honestly if you want to stand-out or just make your look complete, you need to add color. Candi was doing it perfectly today too. I first noticed her because of the scarf she's wearing. I love it's rich tones against the solid background of her fitted tee. But the reason I knew that this outfit would work for today is because I've got one beef with the fashion world...skirt lengths.

Aviator Ray-Bans and cute blue earrings add the finishing touch!
Especially downtown, the center for the businesses of Pittsburgh, I see skirt lengths that I pray are not walking into offices. Yes they look cute, but not for work; unless of course you're trying to become 'that girl' that everyone talks about at the water cooler and gets fired for being inappropriate. However, Candi, who works at a law firm downtown and who likes to shop at little boutiques and Nordstrom, had the perfect, professional length. Not only does her jean skirt, paired with caramel gladiator heels give a complete and final "casual Friday" touch to the outfit, but it keeps her professional. Don't get me wrong, I love to show off my legs from time to time too, but the office is not an appropriate place to do so.

As for Candi, she said she'd consider her style to be clean but quirky, which is an idea that I love! She said that she always tries to pair unique pieces with something classic to complete an outfit and I think her outfit today is a true testament to that. Also, like the other fashionistas, and I just talked about, she said don't be afraid to use color! Seems to be a reoccurring trend, Pittsburgh! Happy Weekend!

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