Best Gyro in Pittsburgh

Yesterday I was in a craving craze that hit me from the moment I woke up. Must. Eat. Gyro. While it's not really a normal thing to crave in the morning, I have been obsessed with gyro's since the first time I tried the salad version of one in a restaurant back home that used to be called Patrick's but has since been changed to Country Side and last I looked, was completely changed to be Mexican restaurant instead. Anyway, the last time Patrick's existed was roughly in 2002, so I've had the gyro bug for a good decade.

Downtown Pittsburgh can also be called gyro city for all I'm concerned because it seems like every establishment wants to make one for you. Even if they claim to be a pizza shop on the outside, I bet you can find a gyro on the inside. While I have tried many different places since moving here, I haven't found "the one." That is until yesterday.

My Big Fat Greek Gyro - pretty place and yummy food!
Recently, My Big Fat Greek Gyro opened its new location in downtown Pittsburgh, right in the heart of it all, Market Square. The space itself is gorgeous! With the different shades of blue paint mixed with the light wood texture of the floor and the pristine white of the counter and some walls, I felt transformed right to Greece. (Which, by the way, is on my list of places to visit before I die.) The place is beautiful and the perfect mixture of casual and elegant dining. Not to mention the men working there were some of the most beautiful of the species as well. (For my lady readers, I know you like to know these things.)

Not only was my craving for gyro met, but I have found the best place to get one. Their brochure/menu bregs that they have the ability to turn first timers into regulars and I can tell how, the food was the absolute greatest I have ever had. I also had a side of hummus and pita which filled me to the max but was worth it.

And no worries if you cannot get down to Market Square to check My Big Fat Greek Gyro out, they are also located in Peters Township, Wexford, Cranberry, White Oak and Mount Lebanon. Do yourself a favor and go in, you will be so glad you did!


  1. I absolutely agree, this is the best gyro place I have ever been to. Their menu offers so many other options other than just gyros. I had their chicken and spinach pie for my second visit and both were amazing. The staff was very quick during an extremely busy lunch rush. The place is also very clean and the woman's bathroom was spotless with wall to wall mirrors and a vanity table. Great addition to market square!

    1. Agreed! I've tried something different things there since this post and it is all fabulous. Glad you enjoyed it too!


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