But, I already have a Big Brother...

So, yesterday, after of course getting over my anxiety of riding the Port Authority T under the river to the Rivers Casino, I walked in to audition to be on the next season of Big Brother. My plan was to go over and interview people who actually wanted to audition about why they wanted to be on the show and so on, but without a proper press pass, that was a no go. So instead, I had to opt for another option, audition myself.

Big Brother logo - I wonder who's eye that is!
Besides the fact that I haven't watched Big Brother since maybe once or twice during the first season, my confidence was perfectly fine. Basically, all they did was have everyone fill out an application form of the basics, who you are, how to contact you and why you should be on the show. Then everyone went one by one to speak in front of the camera. We were asked also basic questions, again why we should be on the show, the weirdest or funniest thing we've ever done, who is the craziest person we know. And I don't really remember any of the answers to their questions because everything happened so fast.

Around 7p.m. when I was there, it was nothing like I expected. It was wide open, no line, no wait. But of course, auditions were going on since 2p.m. so maybe it was more crowded earlier on, but from what I saw, 1) not too many exciting prospects and 2) Big Brother is on the outs. Just an observation though. Anyway, when I was leaving I ran into Janelle Pierzina, who I Googled to find out was on Season's 6 and 7. 

Now we play the waiting game. See what I go through for my readers! I don't even like Big Brother - but winning upwards of $500,000 would be nice. Considering I'm sure the footage they have of me is awful, feel free to laugh at it if it ever airs. I'll pray that it doesn't, and that they don't call!

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