Explosive Art Exhibit

The title of this exhibit alone got me excited to go see it, Girls 'N' Guns, by Rachel Nieborg and Ine Mulder is going on until June 10th at 709 Penn Avenue and to say the least, it is explosive. Go see it now.

Last week, after working at the Public Theater, I was able to take the block walk to 709 with Isaac to see the exhibit. I mostly wanted to see it because I didn't know what to expect, whether the art would just be exciting with a fun title, or if real guns would be involved. And both would be the correct answer.

Explosive photography by Rachel Nieborg and Ine Mulder now at 709 Penn Ave.
While the walls of the gallery were all painted bright red, the photographs were the ones that made bold statements. Each piece had a different arrangement of items, usually involving fish and mice, as well as things that could be found in the average kitchen, displayed on a table. Not too exciting so far, except that in each piece the action of something in the scene was shot, which made each one interesting to browse. Though most of the objects were everyday, some of them needed a closer look and Isaac didn't really appreciate the ones with mice, but I guess it's all just art in this space. On a postcard of the event that I picked up on the way out, it says that the exhibit is of "stop-action photographs" which is a great depiction of what this exhibit is.

I'd suggest that if you're in the area between now and mid-June that you go into 709 Penn to see this exhibit, it's one that really cannot be accurately described and really just must be seen in person so you can make your own assumptions about it and how artistic you think it is or isn't. Personally, I think it's great art because of the reaction Isaac and I had to each piece. Even if you're not into art, you might still want to check it out because you like to see stuff get blown up. Whatever your reason, it's worth seeing!

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