Fashion Forward Fridays: Monthly Recap

Here we are friends, the end of the first month of Fashion Forward Fridays. On the last Friday of each month, I'm going to reflect on what trends I saw the most throughout the city and highlight what advice the fashionistas gave during their mini-interviews. All of them showed and mentioned one main thing: color.

Each one of them told me that others should not be afraid to use color and each one of them was stepping out of the box to do so. Now, throughout the month of April, I saw a bit of a change in the typical downtown Pittsburgh style, big thanks to the warmer weather, Mr. Sun! And the main way that I saw these pops of color were in the denim. While I also contributed to this pop color by wearing my red jeans twice this month, I noticed that a lot of other Pittburghers were doing the same with other colored denim and I have to say, I didn't hate it. We'll see if GQ feels the same.

To be honest, when the colored pants first came on the scene, I was scared, mostly because the only colors available came in neons and made everyone that wore them look like some kind of traffic cone or like a highlighter exploded. Awful. However, more recently, pretty much every color has come out and now we're getting somewhere! I love the royal blue and red, but also, I'm dying over the peach and more pastel colors for spring, like one of the looks I mentioned that was shown at Glam for the Cure.

I know that there are "easy" ways to wear colored jeans and I know that both of the looks I created with my red ones, could be considered easy since I paired them with black and white. However, when first diving into the colored jeans, go slow, going overboard on your first time out in them will probably turn out bad and your confidence might take a bruise. Because trust me, you cannot walk outside of your place in red pants and not get noticed by everyone else. (While I've become use to this attention, I know not everyone is a fan of it, so just wanted to through that little tip out there!)

Here's how I took my red jeans from a day to night look...

Not all items are the exact ones that I mentioned.
For my day look I wore Delia's red jeans, the Belle shirt that I bought after seeing Beauty and the Beast the musical, with a black blazer from Victoria's Secret and black glitter ballet flats from Charlotte Russe. And I accessorized it buy using my gray fridge purse and long black necklace, both from mark. which is the young version of Avon. As for make-up I did my everyday routine, nothing over the top.

Not all items are the exact ones that I mentioned.
For my night look I again wore the Delia's red jeans, but this time paired them with a black feathery corset top from Wet Seal, a white fitted suit-vest from The Limited and zebra heels from the Paris Hilton Collection. And then accessorized with the same necklace from the day look, red feather earrings that MJ got me from Burlington and a gorgeous, long black clutch from a local boutique called Boutique la Passerelle, which I am obsessed with! And make-up wise, I did my same routine except a smoky eye with a hint of red as an accent.

So I hope you guys now will take the advice from our April fashionista's Carly, Channing and Teiona and maybe find some inspiration from my two looks to come up with your own fabulous ways to wear color! And hopefully the ever-changing Pittsburgh weather will allow you to break out some fun new colored denim. Happy weekend everyone!

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