Fashion Forward Fridays: Transition to Spring!

Confession time. I slept in today and missed the downtown lunch rush and therefore, missed the prime opportunity to find a fashionista. Alright. Glad we have that out in the open. Moving on, I'm still here to bring you a little Pittsburgh-appropriate street style. If you're here, you know the air has been holding on to winter, so that chill is still very much around. Keeping that in mind, and keeping in mind that yesterday I just did not want to wear pants, I came up with this outfit.
Hello, Point Park bathroom waiting area.

I'm okay with you hating this look for two reasons. 1) I mixed black and brown, 2) The horizontal stripe and belt might not be doing the most fabulous things for my figure (at least not in these photos). So I set it up in Polyvore to give a better perspective. And another confession, I made that skirt about ten minutes before walking out the door. I've been seeing this maxi in winter trend with fashion bloggers and wanted to test it out but when I initially tried on my halter black maxi, thinking to layer over it, it just wasn't working out for me. So I chopped off the top, cut some elastic out of the bottom of some sweatpants and sewed 'er up. What do you think?


Now, if you actually saw me yesterday, then you know I didn't really wear it with my cheetah heels as I styled it on Polyvore. Strange for me, but coming from the girl who didn't feel like wearing pants, do you really think heels were on my mind? And while it was still really close to winter weather yesterday (holler, 20 degrees!) this outfit was the perfect transition to spring look. Flowy and free, but still keeping me covered up and warm enough to be walking around downtown.
Speaking of covered up, fair warning that if you wear an outfit like this, make sure your jacket looks cool. In the afternoon I was wearing a more "mature" jacket and because I was wearing Sperry's on my feet, I felt like I looked more like a Duggar sister. Which is fine if that's what you're going for, (those girls are super pretty) but I was going for "Look at me, I just made this skirt and have neon on my shirt!" So I had to switch to the bomber jacket after lunch. What do you wear on a transition in to spring kind of day? 
Hope you have a great Friday!


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