Fashion Forward Fridays: Meet Erin!

My favorite thing about fall is the great fashion that it inspires. While Hurricane Sandy has made it very chilly here in Pittsburgh, with her (pretty much) week long spout of rain, thankfully, she did not leave any snow on our city streets. But I feel like in fall, everyone's fashion is comfy and warm. I like that. Nothing better than something that makes you look you're ready for the weather, but still cute as can be.

I thought this elevator shot would be so super cool....it's alright haha
I think that's why I really enjoy Erin's outfit. I love her obviously cozy-fall look, but love that it's still super cute! Erin said that she would describe her style as half girly (read as sorority girl) and half bohemian. For work, she said that she's more likely to dress like Elle Woods with her cardigan and pearls but more boho-chic when it comes to going out or to class. She also said something that seems like a sin to me...she never likes to wear heels. GASP. But I'll forgive her, and other girls like her, as long as they are wearing cute boots or flats, which Erin is obviously doing!

Erin's favorite stores are Old Navy and Forever 21+ but says that she also likes to go to New York & Company for work attire and discount stores like Ross and Gabriel Brothers for those good, yet more affordable finds. But she's not one to turn down any store with something that is cute, fits into her style and is a good buy - like any smart shopping college student!

Love these owl accessories and nail polish on Erin.
Her advice to others who want to amp-up their style or become more of a fashionista/o would be to figure out what your favorite clothing to wear is and have fun with it. Since you are the one who has to wear it, you should like what you have on, not just wear what people say you should wear. Erin also said that since she has worked in retail before, she knows that a lot of people just walk in and ask where they can get the pieces that are on the mannequins, and she (thankfully) said she hated when people do that! When I worked in retail that was my biggest pet peeve. Anyway, she said to be bold and do not be afraid to mix and match and only use the displays as inspiration and then create your own outfits from there. And especially do not be afraid to mix and match things that do not necessarily match but simply go together. (For instance: wearing more than one pattern at a time.)

However, when it comes to Pittsburgh being named the third-worst dressed city by GQ, Erin said that she somewhat agrees with them because of one major flaw in the Pittsburghers wardrobe...our jerseys. For Erin (and myself) it's okay to wear your jersey and team apparel on game days, but otherwise you should really do without and take pride in your clothes, rather than just your team. Amen, sister! So Pittsburgh, as always, cheer on those black & gold boys until you're blue in the face, but at least dress nicely on non-game days! And as always, stay classy and fashionable - happy weekend!


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